YouTube to MP3: What is the best converter?

To download the audio of a YouTube video in MP3, we have been looking for the best and most complete among several competitors. And after leaving aside those that are full of spam, malware and those that ask us for a payment or a premium account to be able to use their most advanced functions, we have ended up putting together a list with some alternatives that are worth it.

Free Studio, complete and with quality audio

Free Studio DVDVideoSoft is a complete suite with different tools to download, convert or record all kinds of multimedia files. One of its components is Free YouTube to MP3 Converter, which will allow us to convert YouTube videos to audio using several types of format and different qualities.

aTube Catcher, complete but with aggressive adware

If we look for lists with the best programs to download YouTube videos, aTube Catcher is usually one of the most recommended. We were thinking not to include it, because during the installation process we see a Recommend Offer window.

For the rest, this is a program capable of downloading our YouTube videos in multiple formats both video and audio or images through screenshots.

YouTube Downloader, honest and multiplatform

Surely it will not appear in Google when we look for this type of programs, but the YouTube Downloader is possibly one of the simplest and most honest that we can find. Its interface is simple and effective, and when downloading and installing it, it will not try to filter any unwanted adware.

Youtube-dl, multiplatform and from the terminal

Its only requirement is to need Python, but once installed it will be as easy to use as we can imagine, even without a graphical interface.

If we use Windows, we will only have to download and install a .exe file. Then we will open the System Symbol application, and in the terminal, we will write cd Desktop to go to the desktop, which is where we have the executable.

YouTube mp3, simple and from the web

What happens if we do not want to complicate our lives and we need a quick solution to download the sound of the videos in mp3, forgetting about any other format?

Well, simple pages like YouTube mp3 come into play with an interface that even a child would know how to use. There is a box where we put the full URL of the YouTube video, then we turn it on and ready, once the process is done, we only have to click on the download button to download the file

MP3Fiber, so good that you will not need more

And we end up with one last alternative that possibly makes the others pale. It is called MP3Fiber. It is a website from which we can download audios in different formats from a YouTube video.

ClipConverter, versatile but with limited quality

ClipConverter not only does it lower the audio in MP3, M4A or AAC but also download the video itself with MP4, 3GP, AVI, and MOV formats. The big drawback is sound quality of 128 kbps that almost make it stay out of the list, but its versatility has made it finally included.