The Real 123Movies Review For Free Movies and TV Shows


123MOVIES.COM is a online streaming site which allows you to watch movies and television shows for free. It’s one of the most popular sites and is worthy of it’s name. The site lacks a well designed user interface in terms of aesthetics in my opinion but in terms of user experience it is better than many of the other sites such as, the website provides a default search option and is proficiently categorized. The categories are so well distinguished that a person with OCD would Fall in Love with the site. The site is amazing and provides servers which cause the least amount of buffering and a low amount of net is needed. The server also gives an ample amount of options to choose the most suitable for them.

The site is perfect for people without Netflix membership and chill without having to worry about money being cut from your bank. The site is well managed and will have less pop ups but there is no way for ads to be closed on these sites. Anything which promises to give things for free brings about a lot of questions. Now, the most asked question about this sit and many other sites is that if it is legal or not. No matter how much people reject it the clear answer is YES these sites are illegal in most of the countries. The usage of footage without the rights is certainly illegal an these sites do exactly that. This, therefore means that site is definitely not safe and has many reported cases of infesting viruses and malware in the phones in which the sites are used.

The site is recommended to use only on your own risk. There are domains with the same interface and looks of but are created solely for the purpose to spread malwares and viruses. These sites might seem fine and feel like they would have no I’ll effect but they are deadly and can cause the host device to be permanently damaged. The site when used with caution is perfectly alright and can be of use when you run out Netflix balance. The site can be used with a secure VPN but that as well is illegal.

The fact is the site or any other free movie streaming sites can’t be legally in any way possible. The copyright law clearly states that any use of footage rights without rights is illegal and hence these sites are not legal, not safe but when caution is applied it they are effective. It definitely tempting to use sites for free to watch movies but we need to control the temptation because the sites are very dangerous and to operate them without any drawbacks is almost impossible and it will need extreme precaution to achieve this. This need a lot of work and hacking abilities which is time consuming and foolish to go for when instead you could just enjoy Netflix.

That being said to stream free content is good but not safe or legal and has it own price.