Samsung SGH-T539 Beat (T-Mobile)

The SGH-T539 Beat is an offering from Samsung and T-mobile which have been inseparable in the last two months. The SGH-T539 Beat is a middle of the line flip phone, which needs to concentrate a little more to the music features incorporated. In all other aspects the phone lives up to its name.

The SGH-T539 Beat is a compact phone which weighs 2.7 ounces. Its dimensions are 3.4 X 1.8 X0.7 inches and it is available in basic black. The Beat has two circles on its front face. The first circle is around the external display and the second circle surrounds the music player buttons. The second circle is a well-placed speaker, which is bright green in colour and grabs you by the eyeballs.

The external display of the SGH-T539 Beat is rather disappointing, as it is just an inch in size. In its normal mode it is single coloured but acts as a full colour viewfinder for the external display. It supports photo caller ID, shows date, time, signal intensity and battery life. The small camera lens is placed just above the display. The phone however is not equipped with a flash. Below the screen are the music player buttons, which activate the player and control music, even when the phone is closed. These buttons however are flat and difficult to handle. Also, the other controls like volume rocker and a headset /charger port are placed on its left spine. On the right spine, a camera shortcut, second music player and microSD card slot are placed.

The SGH-T539 Beat has an internal display which measures1.8 inches and supports 65,536 colours. However we were a bit disappointed as the colours seemed a bit washed out and graphics grainy. The menu is user friendly, but could be a little better if more distinct icons were added. The display backlight time, colour, dialling font size and brightness can be adjusted to suit your needs.

The SGH-T539 Beat keypad buttons are flat difficult to handle. This is a negative, but on the plus side, the navigation array is larger. It also has a number of controls, which includes two soft keys, a browser shortcut, Talk and End/power controls, a clear button, and a customizable shortcut key. There is a four-way toggle which can be programmed to give an access to four user defined functions with an OK key in the middle. The keypad has bright backlighting and large numbers and this feature definitely adds up many plus points to this phone.

The SGH-T539 Beat has a phone book, which can store up to a thousand contacts and each entry can have five phone numbers, e-mail address and notes. Also the SIM card can hold an additional 250 names. Callers can be saved in groups or paired with a photo or one of the 33 polyphonic ringtones. Also, your contacts can be synced with T-mobile servers for safekeeping. The other essentials included in the phone are vibrate mode, text and multimedia messaging, an alarm clock, a calendar, a task list, a calculator, a world clock, a unit converter, a stopwatch, a timer, and a tip calculator. It also provides Bluetooth with a stereo profile, a speakerphone, instant messaging, a voice memo recorder, and voice dialing and commands.

The music quality of the SGH-T539 is very good because of its external speaker and its volume output is also good. Music files can be sent via the Bluetooth and this feature of the phone is well appreciated. However it is disappointing to note that the other features in the system are limited to shuffle and repeat.

The SGH-T539 Beat has a 1.3 mega pixel camera, which can take pictures in six resolutions from 1280 X 1024 down to 128 X 160. The other features are night mode, white balance and brightness settings, multishot and mosaic shot modes, metering exposure, five colour effects, 29 fun frames, a self-timer, and a 4x digital zoom. The camcorder takes clips in two resolutions with sound and has some editing options. Clips for multimedia messaging are capped at one minute forty-five seconds. Beat has 40 MB of internal storage, which can be upgraded by using a microSD card.

The SGH-T539 Beat can be personalised with colour themes, wallpaper and sounds. The games available on it are Arch Angel, Air Ship racing and Bobby Carrot. A demo version of Bubble Bash is also available.

The SGH-T539 Beat has a good call quality but a louder volume would have been welcome. Its battery life is for four hours talktime and ten hours standby.

SGH-T539 Beat is on the whole a good phone with great call quality, a decent camera and Bluetooth. If you are looking for a good middle of the line phone this is the one for you.