A nift tutorial from The Screen Savers pointing out a fairly straight forward method for hacking your windows xp start button – adding custom text to the start menu button, and adding pictures to the start menu button.Read More

This is a short video created in the Apple 2 (or Mac 2) computers released in 1988. It’s called the Pencil-Test. Thus goes to show that even in the early days we had some fairly impressive graphics; makes you think that we have progressed very little over the years.Read More

Here are several apple ads that promote the Macintosh computers, and notebooks. These ads date back to 1984 from the release of the Apple Lisa. These ads are fairly interesting to watch as Apple tries to force negative images about Windows and IBM. Something they still are doing to thisRead More

A very interesting and creative Firefox commercial. It used to be a small open source project a few years back, now it’s taking over Microsoft Internet Explorer, quite cool if you think about it.Read More

This script, created by “FuzzyLauncher” allows you to control a USB missile launcher via Blue Tooth. It’s very interesting to see electronics altered in such a creative manner, even though it’s being used to shoot a cat, the Wii remote is by far the most creative electronic device to beRead More

The New Year is always greeted by joyous celebrations as we set ourselves goals for the future, the New Year. I find this pointless. The rumble about New Years Resolution is nothing more than another excuse for the unwilling to motivate themselves; achieve what they have failed to do theRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The Apple iPhone has taken the world by storm and Steve Jobs manages to persuade many that the iPhone is indeed the “revolutionary” phone that will change the way we look, interact and talk on our cellRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Microsoft has released some very weird, yet artistic ads to market the Zune. I don’t think these ads are anything special, the apple iPod ads were much more effective and eye catching. But these “Zune Arts,” areRead More

Apple breaks through the computer industry in 1984 as Steve Jobs amazes the crowd of computer lovers, businessmen, and nerds. Although, this technology may look primitive please keep in mind that this was in 1984. And after 24 years we still haven’t experienced anything this remarkable, in comparison to one’sRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The LG KE850 an iPhone look a like is set to be released around March-April this phone although may not look as impressive as the iPhone is packed with several resembling features, and is still under development.Read More

A video of Jason Plato from Fifth Gear drives the Pagani Zonda F. The Pagani Zonda is a supercar produced by Italian car manufacturer Pagani. It debuted in 1999 and continues through the present, with production proceeding at roughly 25 cars per year. As of December, 2005, 60 Zondas hadRead More