iRobot, a company known mostly for the Roomba and the Scooba cleaning robots, is thinking beyond simple domestic devices. They’re currently thinking about the future of robots. They have a lot of ideas and concepts which include military action, elder care, and companionship. Currently, the U.S. armed forces use iRobot’sRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Cyberkinetics Inc. is developing a new technology to be used for an immobile group of severely motor-impaired individuals. The new device allows impaired individuals to interact with their personal computer, and use it as a gateway toRead More

There are so many different options out there for weight and it seems like there are new “causes” or “cures” for weight loss all the time. Well, now, a group of scientists at Washington University have yet another possibility that could explain the weight loss phenomenon. They’re saying that itRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. When someone is aware of their surroundings, it means that their brain will react to things happening around them. Researchers conduct many studies by showing images to individuals and then measuring brain activity. Just recently, researchers atRead More

A boy from Sacramento can see with his ears. RIGHT, Ben Underwood inspecting his prosthetic eyes. LEFT, Ben with his sisters listening to music. Photos courtesy of People. When Ben Underwood was very young, he lost both of his eyes to retinal cancer. He was only 3 years old atRead More

Coffee houses like Starbucks sell drinks that are higher in fat than a McDonald’s Big Mac. Image courtesy of Starbucks. However, many people don’t stop to think about exactly what they’re ordering every week, every other day, or even everyday as they suck up their frappuccinos at lightning speed. AccordingRead More

Having a baby can be one of the greatest experiences of your life; whether you’re a male or a female. A baby can bring joy to so many people; especially during the nine month pregnancy. Those nine months overflow with excitement and anticipation. There’s planning, announcements, parties, showers, etc. TheRead More

An Okinawa woman received an unexpected surprise as she tried a pair of jeans at a clothing store. As she fitted her self with the latest in style a bolt of pain surged through her legs, scrambling with pain she rubbed her ache only to be stung by a fiveRead More

A petaflop…what’s a petaflop? That might be the questions that you’re asking yourself if you’re not a technologically minded person. A petaflop means that a computer is running one thousand trillion calculations per second. For those who do like to keep up with technology, a petaflop is a term youRead More

There are certain areas in our world today that have been shaped by just a handful of people. The computer technology of the world is one of those key markets, where just a few men and women have changed the very way we carry on our lives. Sure there haveRead More

The ‘dot-com’ era is going to be receiving a major shift in the next year. When you type a web address into your browser, you always automatically end it with .com, .net, .org, or .gov. But with changes in the structure of domain registration that all will be changing. IcannRead More

Copying ideas has been around aslong as capitalism has been dominant. If a creation is finding success, than a copycat is lurking in the corner ready to strike on the success. The latest trend has been with social networking; you can’t question five people with atleast finding one that doesn’tRead More

Ok, so it’s not an “official” week, but we’ve all had enough time with Cuil to gather first impressions. Like so many other bloggers out there, Cuil is a mixed bag at best thus far. While there are some pretty cool features with Cuil even some Google hasn’t implemented, thereRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Possessing an Apple iMac (20-inch, 2.4GHz) is worth a million dollars. It cannot be called a simple personal computer. This 20-inch” display PC offers a lot more features that any other Windows-based PC owners can only dreamRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The Sony VAIO TP1 is an extraordinary product from Sony. Its unique design and attractive features make it a stylish home-theatre PC for your living room. The round shape of the VAIO TP1 will catch the eyesRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The Acer Aspire 4710 will attract you with its one and only feature – its price. It costs only $599. Do you wonder about the possibility of making a laptop for such a price? Yes, it isRead More

The HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is one among the elite choices of PC desktops. HP’s Pavilion Elite m9040n comes with a lot of improvements from the earlier HP desktops. It is available for $1,190. This desktop PC features an integrated remote control receiver and a wireless networking antenna. With theseRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The Voodoo Envy M: 152 is the latest 15-inch gaming notebook from HP’s latest acquisition, Voodoo. It comes with a 1GB or 2 GB DDR2 memory, with a maximum of 4 GB and costs upwards of $3600.Read More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The Sony VAIO CR120 gives you all the high-end features of a Sony product at an affordable price. It has a sleek design and glossy finish with LEDs that you can program to glow even when theRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Sony LCDs are some of the best performing LCDs in the market today. The KDL-XBR4 series, represented by the 46 inch LCD (KDL-46XBR4), has 120 Hz processing which has made it a much talked about LCD inRead More

Nokia is known for cell phones which not only look good but whose performance is beyond compare. The bold designs, which Nokia comes out with are at times a bit adventurous but mostly the designs give the phone a unique and eye-catching look, as can be seen in the NokiaRead More

The FujiFilm Z5fd (silver) is a budget camera with an eye-catching design. It is an extremely sleek and compact camera which comes in a basic silver colour. The good news is that it also comes in two other extremely beautiful colours- a slurpily delicious Raspberry Red and a suave MochaRead More