If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Danish, Canadian and U.S scientists have been genetically engineering a certain type of flowers to detect mine that are buried beneath. In countries like Yugoslavia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, Croatia, and Angola land mines are a huge and growing problem.Read More

This is huge news. There’s a star, called HD 69830. It’s only slightly less massive as the size of our own sun. Just like our solar system, HD 69830, has a multiple planet system. What is so incredible, however, is that there are three planets in particular that are roughlyRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Cyberkinetics Inc. is developing a new technology to be used for an immobile group of severely motor-impaired individuals. The new device allows impaired individuals to interact with their personal computer, and use it as a gateway toRead More

A petaflop…what’s a petaflop? That might be the questions that you’re asking yourself if you’re not a technologically minded person. A petaflop means that a computer is running one thousand trillion calculations per second. For those who do like to keep up with technology, a petaflop is a term youRead More

Apple breaks through the computer industry in 1984 as Steve Jobs amazes the crowd of computer lovers, businessmen, and nerds. Although, this technology may look primitive please keep in mind that this was in 1984. And after 24 years we still haven’t experienced anything this remarkable, in comparison to one’sRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. The LG KE850 an iPhone look a like is set to be released around March-April this phone although may not look as impressive as the iPhone is packed with several resembling features, and is still under development.Read More

Apple decided two and a half years ago to revolutionaries the mobile phones and on January 10th 2007 Steven P. Jobs introduced Apple’s “iPhone” at the Mac World Conference & Expo in downtown San Francisco. He pronounced this new age smart phone as an achievement on par with the MacintoshRead More

Many people across the world enjoy the use of their video cameras as well as the digital technology that has become known in many still cameras across the board. But who doesn’t enjoy this same use of their digital cameras? Many people know the value of a good digital cameraRead More

Researchers in Germany are working on A car that will anticipate cars that are on a collision coarse with the vehicle. The researchers main goal would be to help with side-impact crashes. These kind of crashes make the passengers extremely vulnerable since there is next to no crush zone andRead More

Nokia has reported about the release of WiMax enabled telephones by the starting of 2008. WiMax can accomplish a broadband speed at over 30miles distance, WiMax runs over 802.16 xs on wireless metropolitan area network (WMAN). But there is an assertion that WiMax is inappropriate for voice transmission but duringRead More

Apparently, there’s a certain camera that was invented to capture the explosion of an atomic bomb. Here’s an interesting article from “Damn Interesting” about the camera and who invented it. Click here to view the article Technorati Tags: Camera, Atomic Bomb, Damn Interesting, InventionRead More