I was browsing the other day and found an interesting article called “The Surprising Truth about Ugly Websites”. The article talks about a new trend in unattractive websites that are surprisingly popular and successful. Since I’m involved so much in web design, I’ve also noticed the trend. I’m not necessarilyRead More

Apparently, there’s a certain camera that was invented to capture the explosion of an atomic bomb. Here’s an interesting article from “Damn Interesting” about the camera and who invented it. Click here to view the article Technorati Tags: Camera, Atomic Bomb, Damn Interesting, InventionRead More

This is a strange video of school children in North Korea. Thousands of kids together make this huge display that from afar looks like a widescreen t.v. It’s just interesting to see what Koreans do to please their leader. They do this during a war game that the army putsRead More

I saw this link the other day of five photoshop paintings of Chicago. They look astounding, especially the first one which took eleven months to create. My only question is: is all this computer art destroying conventional art? Personally, I’m a very big fan of computer art. But I’m seeingRead More

Here’s a fun little product. This new Russian-made camera is pretty much designed around a gun. If you know anything about photography, you’d know that when shooting with a very long telephoto lens (used to flatten the image), it can be very difficult to keep the camera steady. So, thisRead More

Our first post on this site was about the future of filmmaking; specifically the digital revolution. You can read the article here. Now, there could be a new future to cinema and, you guessed it, it’s the internet. With the success of sites like YouTube and the Filmmakers page onRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. If you design websites (we do!), then this will probably help you out. A blogger on ThinkVitamin.com just posted an article about the four “golden rules” to web designing. They are as follows; Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, andRead More

As we’ve all seen, Google likes to play around with their logo every once in a while. They usually don’t alter the logo unless it’s a special event. But, recently, they made a “painted” logo in the style of Joan Miro, a Spanish surrealist artist. In making the logo, GoogleRead More

Here at Tech Kills, we post a lot about space; as we feel the vastness of space is so important in understanding our lives and our purpose on this earth. We’re all about space, because we’re all about technology, and technology is defined as “the application of science, especially toRead More

Not only can technology be used to make our lives easier, to destroy, to construct, but, technology can also be used to create; and to imagine. In the Bible, we know the dimensions, the number of floors, and there’s a mention of one window and one door. The rest isRead More

Started by Douglas Repetto, 35, now the director of Columbia University’s Computer Music Center, “Dorkbot” is a place for the loose exchange of technological ideas. They’re about creation; loving the world you live in and finding ways to explore new ideas. The meetings have become a cult following all aroundRead More

Here at Tech, we’ve talked a lot about robots and replacement robotic limbs. And, it seems everyday, robots seem less and less science fiction as they’re making their way more and more into our everyday lives. Just recently, news.com has had a special coverage on robots; some being tools andRead More

Just like the movies, photography has also been going digital. However, unlike the movies, the change has been much faster; most people already own a digital camera. But, although digital may save you a few pennies in the long run, overall, it’s very expensive. A good digital camera will costRead More

With inexpensive digital cameras and websites like YouTube, amateur filmmakers are sprouting up all over the globe. Even some professionals look to amateurs to retrieve footage of large events like football games where hundreds of people bring cameras. Now, two Italian filmmakers have shot an entire feature-length movie on theirRead More

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Steven Spielberg, the most successful director of our time, has been enjoying a year off after releasing three films back to back (The Terminal, War of the Worlds, and then Munich). After wrapping up Munich, the directorRead More

Ever since DVDs really got popular, people have been spending less and less time at the movie theater. For the past couple of years, box-office sales have been down and continuously declining. And it’s not only from DVDs anymore. There are many other things that contribute as well. But mostRead More

It seems that drive-in theater is making somewhat of a comeback. 20 new drive-in theaters have sprung up across the country during the past year. Now, the national total is a whopping 420. While that isn’t nearly the number it was back in the 1950’s when there were more thanRead More

If you’ve ever taken photographs, then you understand why many people have so many problems with human error. For instance, the image being blurry. This occurs, of course, when the camera is moved during the time in which the shutter opens and closes. For many people, this is a bigRead More