Teacher Arrested for MySpace Profile

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Pamela Rogers, a Warren County teacher blogged on her MySpace about a 13 year-old student she just recently spent two months in jail for having sex with. By blogging about the boy on her MySpace she violated her probation.

Her blog mentions the boy by eluding to his basketball jersey:

“TO [number of 13 year old’s basketball jersey]…..,” the Web site read this morning. “‘My Plans are Your Plans….’ ‘Nothing’s Changed….’ ‘Say it…..say it….’ Always is the word, Baby, always. Listen to “Far Away” by Nickleback…. that’s for you. But, you know… I hate hearing something that is exactly the opposite of what you have said.”

The reference to the “Nickelback” song is important as the lyrics contain phrases such as “I love you”, “I have loved you all along”, “And I miss you”, “Been far away too long”.

After having sex with the boy last year, she was sentenced to 16 years in prison, registered as a sex offender, and she forever lost her rights to teach or be anywhere near children.

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