RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130

The long wait for the CDMA version of the RIM BlackBerry Pearl has finally come to an end. Well, this patience has been amply rewarded as RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is all that you expected and more. It has the same alluring and compact design as the earlier model but a whole load of new features. It has video-recording capabilities, a built in GPS, an even better Web browser, EV-DO support and a 2 megapixel camera.

As stated earlier there is not much of a change in the design of this smart phone. Its profile is nice and slim, it weighs a mere 3.4 ounces and its length is 4.2 inches, width 1.9 inches and depth 0.5 inches. This handset fits comfortably into your pant pockets and fits easily and naturally into your hands while making telephone calls. It’s silver body gives it a sophisticated and lean look. At the present time RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is available only in silver, but Verizon wireless may offer it in an amethyst hue at a later date.

It has a non-touch screen placed front-centre which has 65,536 colours and a 260 X 240 pixel resolution. Its light-sensing technology automatically adjusts the backlight to the necessary intensity. It has a small LED in the upper right corner which lights up in different colours to issue alerts on new messages, low battery etc. Below the display is the easy to use navigation array with the Talk and End keys, shortcut to main menu, back button and the pearl-like trackball navigator. A SureType keyboard is also placed below the display unit. This keyboard has two letters assigned to a key and as you enter the letters of a word it lists possible letter combinations or words in context with what you are typing. On the left spine of the Pearl 8130 is a 3.5mm headphone jack and also the microSD expansion slot is now on the exterior of the phone. A mini-USB port and a quick launch button can be found on the left and volume rocker and convenience key is on the right. At the top of Pearl 8130 is the Mute button and located at the back are the camera lens, flash and self-portrait mirror.

BlackBerry Pearl retains all the other popular features of the earlier BlackBerrys

Pearl 8130s has the other regular features like voice dialling and commands, text and multimedia messaging, etc. The address book has a 64 MB flash memory and each entry can hold home and office addresses, eight numbers, e-mail addresses and notes. It has 45 polyphonic ringtones and supports MP3 and MIDI ringtones.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 works on Verizon’s EV-Do network giving data speeds of 300-600Kbps. Also, it has an improved browser, an onscreen cursor which can be moved in any direction and a Page View that allows you to zoom into any part of a page. All this makes Web-surfing a pleasure on this device.

Bluetooth 2.0 and GPS are other wireless options available.

Pearl 8310 has a 2 megapixel camera lens and can also record video. The camera has 5x zoom, flash, three picture sizes, three quality options and white balance settings for still photographs. It also has two video formats, three colour effects and a video light. For a camera phone, the picture quality is very good.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 comes with an AC adapter, wired headset, USB cable, protective pouch, BlackBerry Desktop software and reference material.

Pearl 8130 has a 3.6 hour talk time and its standby time is up to 9 days.

RIM BlackBerry Pearl 8130 is an improvement on its earlier smartphones, which can only be termed extraordinarily impressive. So what are you waiting for? Go and get it!!