Nintendo Wii Zapper

The Nintendo Wii Zapper evokes a lot of nostalgia for those of us who grew up in homes with a Nintendo Entertainment System. Who can forget the good old Zapper light gun that let you shoot not just ducks and bulls-eyes but also the bandits!! Twenty years down the line the Nintendo Wii has brought back the Zapper.

The Wii Zapper however is not a light gun; instead it is a gun shaped plastic shell, which tries to resemble a Thompson sub-machine gun. This Zapper is simple, curved and rounded and white in colour. It does not look very intimidating when compared to the original Zapper. However this Zapper does fit in with the Wii’s visual and artistic appeal.

As stated earlier, the Zapper is not a light gun but a shell, which houses the Wii remote and nunchuk attachment which is required for some of the shooting games. There is an indentation at the top of the Zapper into which the Wii remote slides in easily and clicks into place. There is a smaller notch on the back of the Zapper into which the nunchuk attachment slides in. It is held in place by two plastic pegs. The Zapper has a compartment inside its handle where the cord between the remote and the nunchuk can be wound up and hidden, thus giving it a neat and classic look. The Zapper has a comfortable and compact feel about it. The trigger is easily accessible with your front hand and this sets off the Wii remotes B button. The nunchuk is then easily controlled by the hand at the back. It is fun to hold up the ‘gun’ in both hands and point at the screen!! Once you point at the screen you let the Wii pointer take over.

The Zapper lends efficiency and ease of action while playing the Wii games. It is possible to hold the Wii remote in one hand and the nunchuk in the other and play the same games, but the Zapper gives you that almost perfect grip required for the shooting games. The Zapper allows you to get the instinctive and spontaneous feeling while playing which is not the case when playing with just the remote and nunchuk. Aim, shoot, blast that’s the name of the game- all fun and no frustration, which at times is not the case when one has to move around the nunchuk’s thumbstick!! Games like Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 , Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles and Ghost Squad are ones which heavily involve the use of a Zapper.

The Nintendo Wii Zapper includes a free game; Link’s Crossbow Training and is available at a price of $20. This is an extremely good bargain, as this shooting gallery game itself is worth $20. Casual gamers and Nintendo fans can avail of both fun and variety from this game, which it provides in ample supply. The fun part is that the crossbow in the game resembles the Zapper. Your marksmanship can be put to test as you go through the nine levels of the game, each of which has three separate stages. The game is not profound but the fun it provides will definitely make it a success.

At $20, the Nintendo Wii Zapper with game included is a steal and most definitely worth a buy for the fun it provides and the nostalgia it evokes.