Panasonic DVD LS91- DVD Player

Panasonic’s DVD –LS91 belongs to the elite group of DVD players which make their presence felt in a crowd of otherwise mundane DVD players. However, one could say that the LS 91 is a copy of the Panasonic DVD-LS90, which was introduced in 2005, with an AV input added on.

The DVD LS91 looks extremely elegant. It weighs 2.75 pounds with the battery and its dimensions are 2.06 X 9.25 X 7.22 inches when it is closed. One of the interesting and notable aspects of this DVD is the swivelling framework design, which helps one to adjust not just the angle but also the height of the display, thus cutting off the irritating glare. This helps set it apart from the other normal, mundane DVDs. The screen can be folded down to such a great extent, that it almost seems flat. However, it cannot be classified as a tablet-style portable, as it is not flat enough!! DVD LS91 looks quite trendy when it is closed as the framework meshes with the removable battery at the back of the unit. However the chic and classy looks of the Panasonic DVD LS91 when open is beyond compare. Along the front of the panel are the control buttons for play, pause, stop, repeat, chapter forward and back. These control buttons are thus well positioned and easy to access. The speakers, which in most other DVDs are along the front panel, are placed further back, near the base of the swivel frame in DVD LS91. The size of the remote for this DVD is in-between that of a standard-sized remote and a credit card sized one.

The Panasonic DVD LS91 is compatible with the DVD- RAM format which gives support for rerecordable discs. JPEG images, WMA audio files and MP3s on CD-Rs can also be played back on this DVD player. The listening pleasure is enhanced as DVD LS91 has some faux surround modes. The volume through both, the connected headphones and its internal speaker are quite good. One of its drawbacks however is that it does not support playback of DivX video files or MPEG-4, the way Philips PET1002 does.

The DVD LS91 has the standard connectivity options. It does not have a component-video output but this deficit can be overcome by using the composite video output for hooking the player to the TV. The AV input that has been added to this model has a breakout cable included and thus viewing any source that can output composite video is possible. This player also has a digital audio output which helps connect to an AV receiver and dual headphone jacks, allowing two people to watch a movie at the same time.

The screen of this DVD player is not something you would want to write home about but it is definitely a step up from the budget players. At a distance of 2.5 feet the picture quality and colour reproduction is good. The battery life for this player is almost 6 hours which is much superior to the 3 hour battery life of other DVD players.

The bottom line is that the Panasonic DVD LS 91 is well worth the $ 174.95 you spend as it offers you a 9-inch display with a swivel framework, AV-in port, two headphone outputs, plays CD-Rs with MP3, WMA audio files or JPEG images, a great design and an unbelievably long battery life.