Motorola Q9c (Sprint)

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Motorola Q9c is a new addition to the series of smart phones from Motorola with advanced features such as Windows Mobile 6 and built-in GPS. The smart phones are here to stay with their competency and the exceptional features with which they perform their roles as the best communication gadget. Motorola Q9c is doubtlessly a good choice, especially because it is offered for a price of $149.99 with a two-year contract.

The Motorola Q9c resembles the Moto Q9m for Verizon wireless more than any other siblings. It features a classic black casting that has been provided with a chrome accent along the outer edges. The phone measures 4.6 inches by 2.6 inches by 0.7 inches (height X width X depth) and it weighs 5.2 ounces. The Motorola Q9c is provided with an extended battery that is fitted on the backside of the mobile. Though it adds a cutting edge to its performance, it turns the phone bulkier.

The Q9c features a 2.4-inch diagonal TFT non-touch screen that has a resolution of 320 X 240 pixels and 65,000 colors. The display offers another fantastic feature, i.e., it adjusts the backlighting according to the environment. To make your phone display spicier, the Q9c offers a lot of customizable options for the background, layout and themes on its display.

The notable feature of the keyboard of the Q9c is the larger buttons and the gap between them. This is an essential feature that makes it more demanding as a messaging phone. The buttons that perform different functions such as the camera, speakerphone and inbox are conveniently placed.

The Microsoft Direct Push technology of the Q9c enables the real-time delivery of emails. The Q9c also supports other email services including the Good Mobile Messaging, and it enables you to view the emails in the HTML formats. However, it supports POP3 and IMAP accounts too. There is an Exchange Server provided in Q9c with which you can synchronize the phone data with your Outlook calendar, tasks and contacts. Sprint also offers the messaging services through AIM, Yahoo!, and Windows Live Messenger clients.

Apart from offering the matchless message servicing, the Q9c proves to be the best communicating medium for voice too. The features such as the duplex speakerphone, voice dialing, three-way calling, smart dialing, etc., are added to ensure the voice communication in the best way possible. Another attractive feature of this phone is that the phone book can contain as many entries as permitted by the available memory. Each entry can carry a maximum 12 phone numbers and three email addresses apart from the other common details.

Motorola Q9c is an EV-DO handset with a data speed of about 2.4Mbps. To make use of this speed thoroughly, you can subscribe to the Sprint TV on your mobile. The subscription starts with a $20 per month. There are a number of features added to the Motorola Q9c to make it a challenge to its competitions. It includes the built-in GPS radio, Bluetooth 2.0, 1.3 megapixel camera, Windows Media Player 10 Mobile, etc.

Having a 24MB of available memory and 36MB of storage space, the Motorola Q9c is doubtlessly a trendsetter for next-gen smartphones.