Toshiba Satellite X205-SLi3

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The Toshiba Satellite X205 offers a great gaming experience with its Nvidia GeForce Go 8600M GT graphics card and is a steal at prices between $2349 to $2499. It weighs about nine pounds and measures 15.7 x 11.3 x 2 inches. It runs on Windows Vista home premium edition and comes with a one-year warranty. It runs on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, however, the battery lasts just over an hour while running DVDs and this is a huge drawback.

It houses an Intel Centrino core 2 duo processor with a 4MB L2 cache memory and an Intel 965 chipset. It has a 2GB RAM and 160×2 GB hard drive. It supports a DVD drive and has a five in one card reader. Looks wise the Toshiba has smooth edges with silver interiors and red highlights with the brand name prominently displayed on the notebook cover. You cannot modify the color scheme or the GPU as they come factory-fitted.

The keyboard has a smaller space bar but retains the Page up and down keys and a complete set of numeric keys. There is a line of media controls, and short-cut buttons to launch the web browser, and the media player. The four built-in speakers and sub woofer give a wonderful sound and there are slots for headphones and a microphone.

The notebook has a 17-inch TFT matrix screen with a resolution of 1,680 x 1,050 pixels. The display is bright but a little glossy, and the screen produces a lot of glare that makes it difficult to work comfortably. The Satellite has a VGA out, S-video and HDMI output.

It sports, Bluetooth antenna, fax-modem, Ethernet 802.11, and a Wireless LAN antenna. There is an integrated web camera, Fingerprint reader for security, and a remote control. There are ports for USB connectivity, mini Fire Wire, and a multi format memory card reader. There is provision for expansion in the form of an express card slot.

With regards to performance, it is quite fast at multimedia multitasking and image processing using Adobe Photoshop as compared to its competitors. It also encodes iTunes quite fast and provides decent frame rates for games like Quake 4 and FEAR. The screen resolution is also satisfactory for demanding games like Crysis at optimum visual settings.

You can extend the one-year warranty to three years on payment of $134. Toshiba also offers online technical support and a round the clock customer –service. The Toshiba Satellite is an excellent option for those seeking a gaming laptop under $2000.