The Bexy iMirror is a docking station for the Apple iPod selling at $149. It comes with an infrared remote with an inbuilt screen, offering a range of 150 feet so that you can make the iPod the center of your home entertainment system. The iMirror can control audio and video playback while displaying the iPod’s content on its screen. You can connect the iMirror’s docking station to the television or AV receiver and use it to play video and audio podcasts.

The setting up process and navigation menus are simple and easy to implement. The iMirror is compatible with all types of iPods including the 4G, 5G and the iPod mini. However you may have a problem when using the 3G-iPod nano. The company claims to have taken steps to eliminate this problem, but this is an irritant and there are no problems while using iPods of 4G and 5G. A mini USB port can help you sync iTunes on your PC.

The Bexy iMirror comprises a square dock for charging the iPod and connecting to the home theater and a remote control. The remote has a 1.5-inch single color LCD display to show the contents of the iPod. The remote works well within a range of 50 feet with good clarity and sound quality. The base has outputs for RCA audio, composite video and an input for S-video. Besides it features a USB jack and a 3.5mm headphone slot. Provision of a video input means that you can easily play iPod videos on your television. But it is not possible to view iPod photo slides using the iMirror.

The iMirror’s remote is a little bulky and measures 6×1.75×0.75inches. It runs on Lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable and houses eleven buttons for different functions. There is a four-way navigation pad with a central Select key in the center of the remote and a volume control button towards the left side. The controls are easy to navigate and will seem familiar to those used to handling iPods. You can easily access the music, video; play lists and podcasts of the iPod from the iMirror. There is also a helpful home menu key that lets you skip the nested folders and facilitates quicker steering.

The Bexy iMirror has a little bulky docking station that stands out when compared to its sleeker competitors. Moreover the remote is also not as flashy when kept beside the colorful iPod accessories. But overall, the iMirror is a good buy as a full featured iPod remote control option.