Iqua BHS-303

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The Iqua BHS-303 is a Bluetooth headset from the Finnish company Iqua, now introducing its products in the US. It is quite inexpensive at $39, simple to use and gives decent sound quality. The headphones are monaural with earbud design. There is a built-in mono microphone. However there are no volume controls and the multifunction button can easily get pressed. It is compatible with Bluetooth v2.0 and EDR devices.

The Iqua has a simple design and comes in a single color, black. It measures 2.2×0.76×0.4 inches and is quite light at 0.4 ounces. The top of the headset has a multifunction key that controls the power to the headset and manages all calls. The multifunction key is quite large and occupies the top third portion of the headset. It is easy to press even accidentally when you fumble with the headset. A single LED indicates the battery status, pairing modes and indicates the status of calls.

The reverse side of the headset sports the earpiece encased in a rubber casing for a proper fit. An additional ear hook is provided for those who need a snug fit. You can easily adjust the ear hook and stretch it for maximum comfort. It can be fitted for both ears and fits ears of all sizes. You also get an extra rubber casing for the earpiece in case the previous one gets lost. One drawback is that there is no volume control on the headset and you have to adjust the volume from the cell phone.

The headset has standard features like call answering, ending, rejecting. You can redial the last number received; there is voice call support and a facility to transfer calls from the headset to the phone and vice versa. The battery lasts for six hours on full charge and for six days in the standby mode. It comes with an external power adapter, rechargeable batteries, two earplugs, ear hook and a carrying strap.

Coming to performance, the Iqua has above average voice quality. The sound clarity is excellent and loud enough to be heard above ambient noise. But, in very noisy backgrounds the sound does fade a bit. In such situations you can hear better only if the earpiece fits deeper in the ear.
Overall the Iqua BHS-303 is a good headset without frills and is very easy on the pocket.