LG Voyager – VX10000 (Verizon Wireless)

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The LG Voyager VX 10000 is an excellent phone with brilliant design and technical features like 3G, EV DO support, and V Cast mobile TV Bluetooth. The phone is a little bulky with a QWERTY keyboard, measures 4.64 x 2.12 x 0.71 inches and weighs just 4.69 ounces. All this comes at a cost of $299 with a two-year warranty.

A huge external touch screen occupies the front face of the Voyager. The display measures 2.81 inches and has a resolution of 400×240 pixels. The touch screen can be used to access all the phone’s features. The display shows the date, time, battery life and photo caller id and you can modify the backlight time, menu and dialing font size. There are four buttons at the base of the display that act as shortcuts to messaging; onscreen dial pad; main menu and contacts .You can access a shortcut menu by tapping the top section of the display. The touch screen has tactile feedback so choosing an option is not difficult.

You can control features of the Voyager by scrolling menus on the screen. This is a little odd as is the method of entering text on the touch screen. The external screen has QWERTY keyboard for entering web URLs while you can only use a nine-digit keypad for typing messages on the touch screen. There are keys for Clear, Talk and End functions in the front face of the phone. In standby mode the Clear key doubles as a voice recorder or voice dialer. Other controls include a volume control, camera shutter and display locking switch on the left side and a headset jack and a Micro SD card slot on the right side. The charging slot is at the bottom, next to an antenna for V Cast Mobile TV broadcasts. The camera lens is on the reverse side, minus a flash and a lens cover.

Coming to the internal display, between the stereo speakers, it is the same size as the external display with equal resolution and menu interface. There is a four-way navigation control with an OK button in the center. The toggle can be set as a short cut to four user-defined functions. Other keys control Talk, End, Clear functions and a speakerphone shortcut. The keypad has well spaced buttons and three buttons marked in gray that serve as controls for game play.

Usual features of the Voyager include a phone book for a thousand contacts, each with room for five numbers, and two email addresses. You can group contacts according to photo ids or polyphonic tunes. Added features include text messaging, USB mass storage, file transfer, Bluetooth, A2DP stereo sound and integrated 3G services from Verizon.

The camera produces great pictures with a 2.5x zoom, four resolutions and four white-balance settings. The voice quality is clear and loud, without interference and the signal remains strong. The web surfing is smooth and fast and videos download quickly. The music quality was decent with good audio clarity, but use headphones for best results. The battery lasts 4 hours on full charge and 20 days in standby mode. However the Voyager lacks Wi-Fi and the camera comes without a flash. Barring this the Voyager is a great, sleek looking phone with cutting edge features.