Motorola Rokr Z6m (Alltel)

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The Motorola Rokr Z6m (Alltel) is among the first of Motorola’s slider type CDMA phones. It weighs just about 108 grams and measures 4.15 x 1.79x 0.64 inches. On full charge, the lithium-ion battery gives about four hours of talk time and 370 hours in standby mode. The phone has features like Bluetooth stereo, a 3.5mm headphone jack, a 2 mega pixel camera expandable memory and EVDO data. It costs $129 with a service warranty.

The Motorola Rokr Z6m is a good user-friendly phone with a smooth slider mechanism. The silver hue is eye-catching and the design is similar to the Motorola Z3. The QVGA display has a two-inch LCD screen with a resolution of 240×320 pixels and 65,536 colors. The colors seem bright and it is possible to adjust the brightness and backlight time. The graphics are sharp and the display has the standard Motorola date design.

There is a central navigational four-way toggle that you can program to provide short cut access to four user-defined functions. The navigational menus are easy to use and a breeze. There is a central OK button a Talk, Power /End button, a shortcut to the player or camera and a clear button besides two soft keys. The keypad is similar to earlier Motorola models and the keys have a bubble design and are backlit. The changing colors and patterns on the keys hamper dialing especially in direct light. But the rear battery cover matches this pattern. The left side of the phone sports a volume control, the Moto smart key, and a headset slot. The right side has a mini USB port, a voice-dialing switch and a handset lock switch.

The phone comes with a 14 MB in built flash memory and a phone book capacity of a thousand numbers. Each contact can have six-phone numbers; three email addresses, street addresses and a URL. You can assign polyphonic tunes and a photograph to groups of numbers .The usual add-ons include a vibrate mode, calendar, calculator, text and multimedia messaging, alarm clock a speaker phone, voice recognition and a voice recorder.
It comes with a camera on the rear that can take pictures in three quality settings and four picture sizes. You have options of a self-timer, 5x zoom, shutter sounds and three-color effects besides five types of lighting. You can record 40-second videos for multimedia messages and other videos of any length, depending on the memory available .The photo quality is all right, but the absence of a flash implies dull photos in less light.

The digital music player supports a variety of audio formats including MP3 but no wireless music downloads. Moreover there are no accessories like a memory card or USB cable to transfer the tunes from a PC to the phone. You can create play lists, shuffle and repeat songs and view the song details on the screen. The music quality is satisfying, best heard through a headset.

The sound quality of the phone is decent and clear even on speakerphone. The voice sounds natural and is loud enough even in noisy environments. The Motorola Rokr Z6m is a good buy for its price though Alltel should include accessories for connectivity with the pack.