Motorola Q9h (AT&T)

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The Motorola Q9h for AT&T comes with a QWERTY keyboard and is great for messaging. It is a little bulky at 4.7 ounces and measures 4.6×2.6×0.4 inches. It supports HSDPA, Bluetooth, and GPS and comes with a 2mega-pixel camera.

The Motorola Q9h has a sturdy body that is a departure from the sleek Razr phones form Motorola. It comes with a wide 2.5-inch screen and a QWERTY keyboard that makes typing fairly easy. The screen has a resolution of 320×240 pixels and a 65, 356 color output. The screen has a backlighting feature that adjusts with the light available. Under the display is the Talk and End buttons along with keys for Back and shortcuts for accessing the message inbox, email and Web-browser. There is a five-way toggle with a central select key.

The buttons are spaced close together but large enough for bigger fingers. They are backlit for darker environments and the number keys are marked out in blue for easy recognition. The lower row has shortcuts for the camera, calendar and contacts. The back of the phone features the camera lens and flash and a slot for a microSD card. Other accessories that come with the phone are an AC power adapter, a USB cable a, headphones and CD containing desktop software.

The Q9h works on the Windows Mobile 6 platform that synchronizes the Outlook for quick email delivery. Besides the software is compatible with other email systems like AT&T’s Mail and POP and IMAP email accounts. The customization process is simple and you need to just enter a user name and a password to access the emails. The entire software setup process is quick and the Q9h comes with pre-installed instant messengers like Yahoo.

The Q9h runs applications on Dataviz’s Documents to Go that can handle all your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the move. It also comes with a PDF viewer and Zip software and you can download other applications to suit your needs. Other features include a calendar, notepad, voice recorder, and a calculator.

Voice applications include a speakerphone, conference calling three-way calling and text and multimedia messaging. The phonebook can hold 250 contacts along with their phone numbers, emails and other information. You can facilitate caller id on the numbers through polyphonic tunes or picture identification.

The wireless options include compatibility with Bluetooth headsets, hands free kits and A2DP stereo Bluetooth headsets. Besides the phone has an inbuilt Bluetooth GPS receiver that lets you access maps and directions easily. The HSDPA is pretty fast at 2 Mbps and you can download data quickly. The Q9h uses Opera as the default browser for web viewing and you can buy songs from different sites like Yahoo using AT&T’s Music service. The AT&T Video service lets you watch streaming videos from different websites like CNN since the Q9h comes with the Windows Media Player10 Mobile.

The camera gives average pictures while the videos fare better. Coming to the voice quality, it is loud and clear even in noisy environments. However the phone tends to slow down when you work on multiple applications like messaging and surfing simultaneously. The only drawback is that the battery gets consumed within a day. Overall the Motorola Q9h is a sturdy messaging device that offers great value and connectivity for $200.