Lowepro Vertex 200 A W

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The Lowepro Vertex 200 AW is a huge, spacious backpack for the professional photographer, designed to accommodate every type of photographic equipment. It comes in a single black color in three sizes and sells for about $230. It can snugly fit your laptop and comes with a weather protection cover for rain. The cover is cleverly located in a pocket at the bottom of the backpack and you just need to pull it when it starts raining.

You can easily fit in a laptop, camera lenses two SLR bodies, tripod, memory cards and filters along with other camera accessories and parts. The bag has two zipped pockets in front, with a laptop compartment behind and finally the main compartment. The latter two compartments come with weatherproof zippers and the bag remains cool even in hot weather due to the ventilation provided by the type of lining used.

The front pockets have four divisions for memory cards and batteries. The second pocket is open and you can keep your iPod or pens in it. There are two zipped pockets where you can store cables and wires. The main pocket has three plastic pouches, and ten compartments, large enough for a flash and viewfinder. It is padded with soft material to protect the sensitive equipment from scratches. It is very deep and spacious and you can adjust the Velcro dividers to fit in different types of equipment, without the fear of breakage. There is a lot of space to fit in additional camera bodies in the main compartment. You can add additional pouches to the backpack using gridlock sliders attached to the bag to fit in a cell phone. It is possible to adjust the position of the pouches as per your requirements. The bag has a detachable tripod holder at the top that can fit in a tripod neatly.

The Lowepro comes with an ergonomically designed harness system that can adjust the weight all over the back. The shoulder straps and the waist belt are padded and the chest straps can be adjusted for your comfort level as you haul the gear through your assignments. However, the designers could have a system to hide or put away the additional straps when not in use. Extra pouches can be added to fit in additional lenses to the shoulder straps. You can comfortably carry a lot of gear, but one misses the provision of wheels when carting it over large distances. Since the Lowepro is a little large you cannot fit it in the overhead compartments of airplanes. Here you miss a locking mechanism in case you want to book the luggage during a flight.

The Lowepro backpack packs in a lot of punch and is a handy tool for the traveling photographer who cannot compromise on the quality of his photographs in any situation.