Selling Your Life On eBay…Not As Hard As You’d Think

eBay has seen all kinds of crazy auctions throughout the years. One of my particular favorites was the guy who sold his pancake that had an image of Jesus burned into it. What made it so great is that someone actually bought it for about $400 if I remember correctly. Now, it looks like a man has sold his entire life on eBay.

Crazy antics such as this have occured before but nothing at the professional detail as to which Ian Usher has conducted. On top of the eBay auction that he started, he has his own website dedicated to the sale. Apparently the auction ended a few days ago, and he received $AU 399,900. For the winning bid, the person gets Ian’s house, car, boat, friends, job and anything else associated with Ian’s life. On his blog, he states that when he leaves, the only thing he wants to carry is his wallet and passport.

I’m not going to go into all the details behind his reasoning, as you can view his blog here. Also, I will post a YouTube video where he gives some insight behind his decision to sell his life on eBay.