Domain Names To Receive Major Overhaul

The ‘dot-com’ era is going to be receiving a major shift in the next year. When you type a web address into your browser, you always automatically end it with .com, .net, .org, or .gov. But with changes in the structure of domain registration that all will be changing.

Icann is the regulator of the behemoth we know as the internet. The pretty much decide on all the rules and regulations that have to do with the world wide web. At their latest conference it was voted upon to begin relaxing the structure of domain name usage. So instead of having to register under the traditional .com or .org, you could potentially used your first and last name as an address (i.e www.john.vinson). A second proposal was given the go ahead, allowing domain names written using script from other foreign languages.

While on the surface this sounds like really cool news, there is one factor that will keep you from creating your custom domain. To purchase one of the custom domains will cost you around $200,000. So, smaller websites will have to wait awhile before they can jump into this new model. This does help some of the larger business who are looking to carve their own piece of land on the net. This will also be able to greater protect their intellectual properties by having their own custom domain names.

There are a couple of problems to pop up during this transition. The first is how much this will cost big businesses who will need to purchase different domain names in an effort to protect their trademarks. Another problem is when more common suffixes are being sought over (like .news or .movie). The second problem is being address by Icann, which says they will allow an arbitration process to settle a dispute. If the arbitration were to not work out, then it would end up going to the highest bidder.

While this idea sounds really cool on the surface, for regular folks like you and me it will just make traversing the net more complicated. If there is one benefactor of this setup it’s search engines. If more customized web addresses surface, then more people are going to need help navigating where they need to go on the internet.