Bill Gate’s Last Day Is Looming

There are certain areas in our world today that have been shaped by just a handful of people. The computer technology of the world is one of those key markets, where just a few men and women have changed the very way we carry on our lives. Sure there have been numbers of research teams, and development companies, but there have been just a few that have shaped the global use of computer technology.

Bill Gates is a name that is as ‘household’ as Aunt Jemima or Hank Aaron. You’d have to go into a deep dark jungle somewhere in South America to find someone that didn’t recognize the name Bill Gates. And with computer outreach programs to third world countries there’s a good chance they know him there as well. It’s hard to imagine that Gates started out as a computer engineering geek that had a brief run-in with the law back in the 70’s. Now he’s the man behind one of the greatest empires of the 20th-21st century.

Microsoft, has to be one of the most loved/hated companies the world has ever seen (right up there with Wal-Mart and McDonalds). Of course it’s pretty obvious why it’s so hated; success breeds jealousy. Gate’s company is pretty much responsible for the integration of computers into our daily lives. The internet, gaming world, and economy wouldn’t be at the point it is today without the influence of Microsoft’s software. But even with all the great influence that Microsoft has provided, not all has been ‘peaches and cream’.

Like all great empires there have been problems to overshadow some of the success. There are people to this day that still see Microsoft as an evil entity. Most of them type it up on their blogs, on machines powered by Windows, the very operating system they’re speaking out against. In alot of ways I can’t blame them. The Microsoft empire has made it nearly impossible for any other company to get their foot in the door. Apple has provided the greatest competition, and they still pale in comparison the worldwide influence that Microsoft provides. They might have Justin Long commercials to make themselves seem more flashy and cool, but it just doesn’t matter when looking at the big picture.

All of this brings us to the last days of Bill Gate’s major involvement in the daily activities of Microsoft. It is being reported, and stated by Gates himself that he will begin working on his charitable foundation. He is going to be sitting in on some of the major meetings of the week, but after that his involvement will be very minimal. This quote by Gates sums it up best, “This whole thing about which operating system somebody uses is a pretty silly thing versus issues involving starvation or death.”