NEC Multisync LCD2470WNX (black)

The NEC Multisync LCD2470WNX is the latest monitor from Mitsubishi Electronics with features like a built-in USB hub and HDCP compliance. It is best suited for office use. At $820 it is slightly expensive as compared to its competitors and does not deliver superior image quality to justify the higher price tag. It comes with a four-way adjustable stand that permits you to tilt, swivel the screen and adjust its height. You get great viewing at 176 degrees horizontally and vertically.

The monitor comes with Naviset software that makes it possible to adjust screen settings with the click of a mouse. Using this software you can have customized settings for gaming, movies and other applications. A small joystick lets you change onscreen settings easily. There is also a no touch auto adjustment feature.

The NEC Multisync LCD2470WNX measures 24 inches and comes in a black enclosure, measuring 22 in x 10.6 in x 16.5 in. It has a flat panel display with a TFT active matrix that gives a resolution of 1920 x 1200. It offers 24-bit color support that enables it to display 16 million colors. The monitor has an image brightness of 500 and a contrast ratio of 1000:1 along with a 6ms response time for gray to gray. It requires a DVI-D, VGA signal input and has a digital visual interface. It is compliant with the required standards like RoHS, MPR II, ISO 13406-2, Plug and Play, and EPA Energy Star 4.0.It comes with a three-year warranty and a round the clock customer service. You have access to online support and free software downloads.

The monitor has no built-in speakers. The sleek cable management system hides most cables, giving a clean clutter-free look to the monitor. You can view HDCP content with a Blu-Ray or HD DVD drive and this increases its attractiveness to home users. Coming to performance, the NEC Multisync LCD2470WNX scores better than its peers on display, and contrast ratio, but lags behind on brightness quotient. When playing movies the black and white colors are deep and the grays show well on the screen. Other colors come out looking very natural and realistic.

In regards to gaming, it is advisable to upgrade your video cards to match the high resolution NEC monitor. You get good frame rates and no ghosting. For office applications you can easily get a large amount of data on the ample screen space. The NEC Multisync LCD2470WNX is a great LCD display and gives excellent image clarity and screen resolution for gaming, movies and routine office use. It is slightly expensive as compared to its peers, but definitely worth a buy.