JVC LT-47X788

In recent times JVC has lost market share in the LCD high-definition television market to Samsung, Sharp etc. However, with the LT- 47X788, it has come up with an HDTV that offers good performance at a decent price.

The LT- 47X788 has a polished look and a slick design. The stylish, shiny black bezel surrounding the screen is accentuated with a thin silver trim along the bottom, making it look sophisticated and chic. It has a JVC logo, below which is a small blue indicator light to show whether the TV is on or off.

This TV has an extremely functional remote control. The top five buttons on the remote are for selecting inputs and so the need to navigate an onscreen input menu is eliminated. Both the volume and channel controls are rocker buttons that are horizontally placed. In the centre of the remote is a directional pad and the most used buttons like Menu, Favourites and Aspect are placed around it. One of the drawbacks of the remote is the absence of a backlight.

The set up menu is user friendly but dowdy looking. Its blocky text seems outdated in this high-def race.

The LT- 47X788 is an HDTV with a 1080p resolution and thus its native resolution is 1920 X 1080. This means that it has enough pixels to fully resolve the detail of 1080i and 1080p sources. The other incoming resolutions like 720p and 480p are scaled to fit the available pixels. Five different aspect ratio modes work on all HD sources with the exception of 1080p. The full detail of the 1080i sources is displayed by the Full Native or dot-by-dot mode. Also, the Full mode has some overscan for channels which show some interference on the edges of a picture. Another plus is that 1080p source has been fixed in the Full native or dot-by-dot mode.

Another feature of the LT- 47X788 is the four picture pre-sets. These are Standard, Dynamic, theatre and Game. All four can be fully customised. The Theatre mode is recommended for viewing in a dark room. It is a slight disappointment that this TV does not offer independent input memories between 2 HDMI inputs. These settings luckily don’t apply to component video.

The Cool Temperature settings on this TV are limited to high and low and the low settings look more natural. The primary colours cannot be adjusted on this TV; this however is a negative with most HDTVs. This TV also has some additional picture quality settings like Dynamic Gamma, Smart Picture and Colour Management, but they are not worth writing home about.

The LT- 47X788 has two HDMI inputs. However an extra HDMI input and a dedicated PC input would have been much appreciated. It also has two component video inputs, 3 AV inputs with composite video (and one with S-video) and an RF input for cable/antenna.

It was disappointing to note that the LT- 47X788 lacks picture-in-picture or freeze-frame functionality. However, it was heart-warming to find a USB port in the back, where a digital camera or USB stick could be directly connected for photo viewing.

JVC’s LT- 47X788 offers extremely good video processing, accurate colour temperature in bright scenes and clear, detailed and non-blurring picture quality. To top it all, it is relatively easy on the pocket too. Definitely money well spent.