Nokia 7500 Prism

Nokia is known for cell phones which not only look good but whose performance is beyond compare. The bold designs, which Nokia comes out with are at times a bit adventurous but mostly the designs give the phone a unique and eye-catching look, as can be seen in the Nokia 7500 Prism.

The Nokia 7500 Prism is available in two colours, basic black and candy. It is a sleek and stylish phone with dimensions of 4.29 X 1.72 X 0.57 inches.

The Nokia 7500 Prism is presumably so called because of its keys which are triangular in shape. These keys are arranged in a circle and although the design is an attention grabber, it could have been more user-friendly. Its navigation control – the five way joy-stick, though raised above the phones surface is not easy to grip and is stiff. However a big plus point in the phone’s favour is that the control can set short cuts to four features as defined by the user. It also has two soft keys, the Talk and End controls. The volume rocker is completely flat.

In keeping with the Prism design, its camera flash, which is rear facing and triangular in shape and the lens of the camera is diamond shaped.

The Nokia 7500 Prism has a bright and colourful two-inch (320 X 2540 pixels) display, which not only lives up to the usual Nokia standards, but surpasses them.

This phone has a micro SD slot for cards, which is located behind the battery. Also, three ports for the charger, headset and a mini USB cable have been provided at the bottom end of the Nokia 7500 Prism.

The Nokia 7500 Prism offers the usual essential features like, text and multimedia messaging, alarm clock, calendar, vibrate mode etc. One of the features, which will prove extremely useful is the 1000 contact phone book. Each of these entries can have up to five phone numbers, push to talk number, email ID address, web address, company name, job title, nickname, street address, birthday and notes. Also, 250 additional names can be held by the SIM card. In addition contacts can be organised into groups and paired with a photo or one of the seventeen ringtones.

Additional features offered by the Nokia 7500 Prism include full Bluetooth with a stereo profile, e mail, PC syncing, USB mass storage, instant messaging, voice dialing and commands, call recording and put-to-talk (PTT) networks. Globe trotters are offered features like

· Support for Nokia’s sensor application- a networking feature which scans nearby Bluetooth users.

· World clock

· Size converter

The camera in the Nokia 7500 Prism is 2 mega pixels and can take pictures in six resolutions. The camera has three quality settings, five colour effects, a night mode, adjustable white balance and an 8X zoom. The camcorder can shoot videos in two resolutions with sound. The flash provided with the phone works extremely well and the photo quality of the pictures is excellent.

The Nokia 7500 Prism has a good music player and the music quality is remarkably good. The music player has repeat and shuffle modes, an equaliser and stereo widening. It has an FM radio which can identify the song, singer, etc. It has seven presets. The small speakers, however, are rear facing.

For the gamers the Nokia 7500 Prism has City Bloxx, Snakes III, Sudoku and Music Guess.

One of the few drawbacks encountered in the Nokia 7500 Prism is its low volume and occasional audio fadeouts. Also the battery life is just 2.8 hours talk time.

On the whole the Nokia 7500 Prism lives up to its Nokia name where reliability and value for money is concerned. Definitely worth a buy.