Sony NSC-GC1 Net-sharing Cam – Go the YouTube Way

The Sony NSC-GC1 is a pocket camera/camcorder specially made for the web videos such as on YouTube. However, it is a simple, casual model that costs just $200.

The GC1 is a cool gadget that comes with a set of simple features making it appropriate for the intended purpose. It does not have many sophisticated video production features. The GC1 features a rectangular glossy black body that gives it a deceiving look of a highly professional camcorder, but it is actually not. The 2.4-inch LCD display flips open and it can be turned up to 270 degrees. These flexible options enable it to shoot the most difficult shots too.

The GC1 controls are well equipped with ergonomic tools. There is a small joystick placed in the middle of four control buttons. The joystick allows easy navigation through the menu. There are two controls, photo and video record buttons, provided below the joystick. The buttons are smaller than the standard size offered in many camcorders.

There is a fixed f/3.5 lens fitted in the GC1. It is equivalent to 42mm for still photos and 48mm for video. The GC1 features a few manual controls and scene presets for still photography. A notable feature of the GC1 is that it has a Program mode that allows it to access the white balance and ISO sensitivity. These are the features that are common with high-end cameras alone. Another useful feature of the GC1 is that it lets you flip between the close-up mode and the normal mode quite easily. Also, it comes with a digital zoom option available while shooting.

The soul purpose of this simple camcorder is to help the users to post videos in the Net. The QVGA and VGA formats support the Web, making it compatible with video services such as YouTube. The GC1 creates excellent quality movies suitable for YouTube and similar videos. The onboard microphone allows for an audio recording option.

The GC1 offers 5-megapixel snapshots, a surprising factor for a pocket camcorder like this. The shots are really quick; the shutter lag is comparatively less, fraction of a second most of the times. Thus the camera allows you to take continuous shots even when the flash is on. The shots do not interfere with each other. GC1 is known for its quality photos in landscape and portrait modes.

The greatest disadvantage of GC1 is that it does not have sufficient internal memory. Sadly enough, it does not come with a memory card. To acquire one, you have to shell out at least $30. Another drawback is its high sensitivity towards shaking. The photos suffer if the camera or the object is shaken a bit. To counteract this problem, the camera is provided with a high-speed shutter mode that can solve the problem to a great extent.

It can be concluded that the Sony NSC-GC1 is a web-friendly camcorder that allows you to take photos and videos that can be creatively used on the web. They are suitable for e-mailing. They can be printed as well.