Norton Anti-Virus 2008

Symantec’s Norton AntiVirus 2008 is one of best pieces anti-virus software on the market. It offers anti-virus protection which is formidable and second to none. Norton Anti-virus is a software title known all across the world for the effective security it offers and Norton Anti Virus 2008 holds up to this reputation. Some of the key technologies used in this product are Anti spyware, Antivirus, Internet worm protection and Root kit detection.

Norton Anti Virus 2008 when compared to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7 offers a better deal as it is available for just $39.95 for a single-user license. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7 however is available for $59.95 for a single-user license. Norton Anti Virus 2008 loses out to Kaspersky Anti-Virus 7, because of its bulky hard drive requirements. Norton requires 300MB hard drive space compared to Kapersky’s 50MB for effective functioning. However, Norton has seen improvements in key performance measures and a scan is now completed 37% faster using Norton anti-virus 2008 as compared to Norton Anti-virus 2007.

As always Norton has come out top with its Anti Virus 2008, which allows you to feel secure, as it automatically protects your computer not just against viruses but also against Active-X controls and java applets. Regardless of whether you are surfing the internet or getting information from floppy discs or CDs, Norton AntiVirus 2008 gives you unbeatable and solid protection. Your computer is also kept safe from virus attacks as the incoming attachments with your e mail are automatically scanned. It can identify and deal with new and different forms of threats, because of the excellent heuristic features it has been provided with like the Root kit detection technology which finds and removes hidden threats.

Also worth mentioning is the Browser Defender which like SONAR (Symantec On-line Network for Advanced Response) is a behaviour monitoring and blocking feature which protects our computer against drive- by downloads and other threats. Home Network Feature allows monitoring through network mapping, of other computers on the local network. It also monitors the security status of the computers installed with Norton AntiVirus 2008.

One of the reasons why Norton AntiVirus 2008 is favoured is the Live Up-date feature and Protection updates. Since The Live Update feature has now been integrated into Norton AntiVirus 2008, the process of installing and updating the program is obstacle free and simpler. This is because all the files, signature and program arrive on the desktop together. Keeping updated is also so very simple with weekly automatic retrieval of new anti-virus definitions from Symantec.

Another boon for users is the One-Click Support feature which gives users a convenient access to support options and automatically troubleshoots common issues like connectivity, product activation etc. From within the main user interface the user has direct access to technical support through live chat, e mail or phone. However one needs to be wary as many of the support services are not free.

To conclude it can be safely stated that Norton Anti Virus 2008 is value for money. So go ahead and install Norton AntiVirus 2008 and gift yourself peace of mind from the knowledge that you, your computer and your important documents are safe from the villains of the World Wide Web.