Fujifilm FinePix A900

The Fujifilm FinePix A900 is known for its eccentric features. Fujifilm distinguishes itself from the other companies with its high-resolution 4-megapixel cameras, the latest being the FinePix A900. The FinePix A900 has a powerful CCD sensor. The sensor-lens combination applied in the FinePix A900 is a great achievement of the FinePix A900. The surprise element in this small curious gadget, however, is its price. The FinePix A900 is available for $200. The lower price, however, does not affect its functionality a bit. Apart from the price, the most interesting feature of the FinePix A900 is its 39mm- to156-mm equivalent Fujinon lens and the 4X zoom effect.

The FinePix A900 may not win many hearts because of its conventional exterior design. It does not have many sophisticated fittings on its body. However, the camera looks simple overall. The design, of course, is a degrading element for this excellent performer. The FinePix A900 is provided with a plastic body. It measures 3.9 inches x 1.3 inches X 2.4 inches (width X depth X height) and it weighs 7.2 ounces with battery and memory card. The FinePix A900 works on two AA batteries which are inserted in the slot that is conveniently located on the frame of the camera. There is a memory card slot provided near it. This works as a dual-format card slot for both xD and SD cards. With the SD card support, the FinePix A900 advances a step ahead from the older version of cameras that supported the xD cards alone. The dual-card system, thus, provides a lot of options in FinePix A900. The camera is provided with a mini USB and AV outputs. There is an IR sensor above the USB jack. The IR sensor enables the camera to direct the photo beams to other IR-enabled devices such as phones or photo kiosks, etc., connected to it. This communication is facilitated with the help of an IrSimple Interface. If you are not crazy about the IR devices, you can get a better mode of photo transfer using the USB cable and the memory card reader.

The most important feature, the photo quality, offered by FinePix A900 is praiseworthy. Thanks to the distortion-free Fujinon lens fitted in it. There are no blurred edges with the high-resolution pictures. However, it may require the use of flash in a moderately lit ambience. The shadow plays the culprit on the images if the background is not lit properly. The Incandescent White Balance feature is an extremely useful feature of the FinePix A900 when shooting in incandescent backgrounds. If you forgot to set this feature on, the dirty yellow will take over your entire photograph; remember that!

If you wish to name the FinePix A900 a high-end camera, you are probably right. But then, there would be equal argument from the other end citing many features of the FinePix A900 such as the plain body and the xD format support, etc. In fact, the FinePix A900 can be included in both the categories. Otherwise, if you look at the performance features combined with its price, without a doubt, you will agree that it is the best bet among the cameras of this price range.