Sharp LC 52D64U

Sharp does not compromise quality in any of its products. One among the latest productions from Sharp is the LC-52D92U LCD television that meets the requirements of present-day high-end LCD televisions.

The LC-52D92U is noted for its color quality, video processing and HDMI connectivity. Next comes its style. The extra-slim body and the thin bezel around the screen proclaim the technical ingenuity behind the origin of this wonderful LCD. It measures 48.8 inches x 12.8 inches x 32.9 inches (width x depth x height) and it weighs 75 pounds (along with the stand). The whole TV is covered in high-gloss black that gives it a classic appearance.

The 52-inch diagonal display is featured with a resolution of 1,920×1, 080 pixels, making it one of the top performers from Sharp. This high-resolution capability is the most useful feature of LC-52D64U, especially in while being connected to the 1080i and 1080p HDTV sources. It has good control over the picture quality. The LC-52D64U display can support all DVDs and standard-definition TVs. There are seven preset picture modes out of which five are adjustable. Another adjustable display feature includes a 32-step backlight control that gives you the chance to view your LCD in numerous color tones.

The main picture menu of the LC-52D64U features five color temperature presets, the Low option being about 6500K. There is a Color Management System (CMS) that allows you to tweak the hue and saturation for primary and secondary colors. There is a light-sensing circuit called the OPC that adjusts the TV’s light output according to the brightness of the room. With this feature you can view brighter pictures in bright light and darker in dim light. The LC-52D64U has remarkable video processing capabilities also.

Instead of the picture-in-picture option that is commonly added in the advanced HDTVs to view two images simultaneously, the LC-52D64U offers a Freeze option.

The LC-52D64U offers excellent connectivity with its array of input units. There are two groups of back panel inputs, and between these two, the following inputs are arranged.

· two HDMI inputs

· an analog PC input

· one AV input with component video and composite video

· one AV input with composite video and S-Video

· one RF cable/antenna input

· one optical digital audio output

· one standard analog output

· one RS-323 port

A third HDMI input and a second AV input with a component video and composite video are found on the front panel. The remaining inputs are placed on a side-facing panel, and the front-side inputs are placed near the edge.

The LC-52D64U remote is the same old one with the orange backlight. It is an above-average model with easy-navigation features and good control over the functions.

To conclude, the Sharp LC-52D64U is a better performer compared to the earlier Sharp LCDs. It can be distinguished as a TV with excellent black-level performance and picture quality. Along with these features, the video processing capability and the connectivity features raise the status of the LC-52D64U to the level of a higher standard LCD TV.