Give an Extra Edge to Your Life with Nokia 6555 – Brown (AT&T)

Another stylish phone is out from Nokia, the world-renowned cell phone makers. The new Nokia 6555 attracts the crowd with a lot of advanced features including Bluetooth, AT&T support, Push-to-Talk network and 3G compatibility. The Nokia 6555 is not behind any popular phones in its design and call quality. The price of the Nokia 6555 after a $50 mail-in rebate and two-year service agreement from AT& T is $49.99.

The design of the 6555 catches your attention at first. The unusual tall and the slim design isolate it from other popular cell phones from Nokia. It measures 3.9 inches x 1.7 inches x 0.78 inches (length x width x depth), and it weighs 0.2 pounds. It is compact and comfortable in the hands. The Nokia 6555 is available in four colors- black, silver, brown and red. The body of 6555 has an aerodynamic design that is strikingly matching with the color tones applied on it.

The external 1.25-inch display of the Nokia 6555 is powered with 128×160 pixels and 262,000 colors. The beautiful display with high quality color features is surrounded by the elegant brown strip. The external display also works as the viewfinder of the camera for self-portraits.

The internal display is one of the most appreciated features of the Nokia 6555. The 2-inch, 320 x 240- pixel display supports 16 million colors. Apart from offering superb picture quality, it gives a lot of customizable options. The greatest advantage of the display is that you can overlay the short-cut icons of the frequently-used functions on the main display.

The most interesting feature of the Nokia 6555 is its triple-action volume rocker. The rocker is placed on the left side of the upper flap, and it performs as a volume control when the phone is open. In the closed position, it performs other functions. By turning upwards, the camera is activated, and by turning downwards, the voice-dialing feature is activated.

Other major controls fitted on the Nokia 6555 include the PTT button and the mini-USB Port. The Nokia 6555 is equipped with convenient navigation controls. There are shortcuts provided for the Web browser and AT&T video applications. The controls are well placed and they allow a series of user-defined functions.

The advanced features of the Nokia 6555 include a voice memo recorder, a unit converter, a world clock, voice commands and dialing, and a speakerphone. The special features to note are its PC syncing, POP3 and IMAP4 e-mail, instant messages by AOL, Yahoo, and ICQ, Bluetooth 2.0. USB mass storage, and support for AT&T’s PTT network. If you are a ’social networking person’, here is good news for you. The Nokia 6555 is integrated with MySpace Mobile with the help of AT&T and that connects you to your networking site.

The Nokia 6555 is dedicated to music. AT&T Music allows you to buy music from its partners Napster and Yahoo Music. A notable difference is that AT&T Music does not offer wireless downloads. Instead you will transfer the music to the PC and then to the phone.

In short, Nokia 6555 is devoid of nothing. It is a phone with a number of extra qualities and high graphics, and audio and video features. It is excellent in terms of its connectivity and 3G features.