Kensington Ci70LE Wireless Optical Mouse

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If you want a ‘mouse’ to travel along with your notebook, here it is. Or if you wish to take it to your desktop, it goes there too. The Kensington Ci70LE Wireless Optical Mouse meets both working environments with its medium size. It is not smaller to be used as a notebook mouse alone, nor is it bigger to be used as a desktop mouse alone. The Ci70 LE Wireless Optical Mouse is a typical example to show the extent of functionality that a $40 gadget can offer.

The Ci70 LE measures 4.5 inches x 2.5inches x 0.7 inches (depth x width x height). It weighs 4 ounces. The LE version is wine-red in color, whereas the non-LE version is silver in color. The LE version has an extra designer fitting on its body. The body is printed with circles of different sizes. It is an unusual design for a computer mouse. Kensington perhaps created this unique identity to make this unusual gadget recognizable among other common ones.

The most interesting feature of the Ci70 LE Wireless Optical Mouse is the USB receiver. The USB receiver can hide at the bottom part of the mouse when not in use. When you require it, just pop it out; it will jump out for action. Also, the Ci70 USB receiver has the efficiency to sense the action of its companion mouse. When it is inserted back under the mouse, it automatically turns off the function of the mouse. This feature greatly contributes to the prolonged battery life of the Ci70. It also reduces the common headache of carrying and storing the USB receiver to a great extent.

The Kensington Ci70 LE Wireless Optical Mouse is also a full-fledged wired mouse. If you are running short on battery power or if you think of preserving the battery for longer days, the external 5-feet long cable provided along with the mouse will be the great choice for you. You may wish if Kensington had added an in-built USB cable in Ci70 LE, but unfortunately, it does not.

The Ci70 LE is provided with two buttons-left and right- and a scroll wheel. The thumb button that is found in many other desktop mice is not present on the Ci70 LE. The 1,000-dpi sensors are accurate and give an instant response. The mouse runs on two AA batteries. The Ci70 LE is provided with a battery indicator also.

The best customer-friendly feature of the Kensington Ci70 LE is the five-year service/support limited warranty offered by the company. Of course, the warranty offer implies to the longevity of the mouse irrespective of its use with both desktop and laptop computers.

To sum up, the Kensington Ci70LE Wireless Optical Mouse meets all the criteria demanded by the computing devices, both desktop and notebook. It can be called a hardworking mouse that easily switches its hands between the two working environments. The dexterity of the mouse is also seen in its efficiency to help the ambidextrous people or the left-handed ones.