Logitech VX Nano Cordless Laser Mouse

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This is the latest product from Logitech, the world-leader in the manufacturing of the mouse. As with the other products from Logitech, the VX Nano surpasses thee previous models by its appearance, portability, performance features and its compatibility with the external devices. This is a unique product made for both left and right-handed users. A couple of added special features include the two-mode scroll wheel, programmable buttons, laser tracking, and the tiny receiver stores, etc. It costs $70. Though a bit higher it is, the added features make it worth buying.

The Logitech VX Nano is the successor of the VX R, a revolutionary model that was released last year from Logitech in the category of cordless laser mice. The VX Nano keeps up the standard of its predecessor and marches a step ahead with its extraordinary features. The gliding scroll wheel, for that matter, is an added benefit to Nano owners. It makes navigation quite smooth. Another difference is the smaller size of the Nano. It is 4 inches long and 2.4 inches wide. The thickness is a little more than one inch. The smaller size makes it very compact and user-friendly though it may be found to be too small for people with fat palms.

The USB receiver port of the Logitech, VX Nano is one of the smallest among wireless mice. The receiver when plugged into your notebook protrudes out only about 0.3 inches. It, therefore, does not look awkward if you carry it along with your notebook. It will fit the notebook carriers without demanding extra space from them. To protect it from damage, the VX Nano is provided with a neoprene case. All these features together make the new VX the perfect choice of the professionals.

The gliding scroll wheel is another important characteristic of the Logitech VX Nano. It offers amazing speed for the scrolling and helps you run through the long documents efficiently. After every spin, the mouse keeps on scrolling without breaking. The scrolling speed is estimated to be about 30 pages per spin. However, it offers good control over it to facilitate slower scrolling. You need to just press the scroll wheel down in order to bring the action of the mouse to the click-wheel mode. Thus the VX Nano excels past the earlier VX series mice in its ability to switch between Scroll and Click modes without the requirement of a flip switch.

The laser-tracking feature is another important characteristic of the Logitech Nano that makes it more responsive. The estimated battery life of the mouse is six months on two AAA batteries.

The Logitech VX Nano installation is simple. It does not require any setup to start the functioning of the mouse. However, if you install the Logitech’s Set Point software, you can make all the five buttons of the VX Nano programmable. This software works for both Windows and Mac.

Except one thing, i.e., the cost, the Logitech VX Nano excels in all aspects. It is one of the more brilliant wireless mice released in the recent past.