The Multi-Utility OKi B2520

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The Oki B2520 MPF combines a laser printer, scanner, and a fax machine plus a few extra features. It is a mono printer, fax, and scanner. However, it can be used to scan color pages. The extra features of the Oki B2520 MPF include the mailbox and the QWERTY keyboard. It is offered for a comparatively less price, i.e., $320.

The Oki B2520 MFP, however, is smaller in size compared to other similar capacity laser printers. It measures 15.2 inches X 16.2 inches X 17.6 inches (depth X height X width) and weighs 26 pounds. The 50-page automatic document feeder sits on top of the scanner with which you can copy and scan legal-sized documents. There is a USB port provided at the front panel of the Oki B2520 MFP. The paper case can carry up to 250 sheets and it can hold different sizes of paper including legal. It is also provided with a single-sheet manual feed. The output system is provided with a fold-out paper stop that will catch the long sheets without falling.

The cost of the 4,000-page toner cartridge is $159. This adds up the per-page print cost to about 4 cents. This is higher a rate for a laser printer. Oki B2520 MFP is intended for small offices, so you may not feel the difference very much. There is an option to get the economical printing using the ECO feature.

The Oki’s control panel consists of an array of buttons. The Start, Stop and menu navigation keys are well placed below a series of LCD buttons. However, it lacks a button to call up the menu. In order to activate the menu, you have to press the Down Arrow button. On the left side of the LCD array, there are four buttons. The three buttons are used to change the color contrast, color analysis mode selection, and analysis resolution setup. The ECO reduces the print quality and facilitates long life for the toner. A number pad and a QWERTY keyboard occupy the right side of the LCD display. There are three buttons that are arranged below the numeric keypad. The three functions performed are the Fax, Address Book, and Manual control for faxing. There are other buttons provided to enable you to switch between fax, copy, or scan modes and to stop a print job. If you find it confusing to use the extensive control panel, you are provided with a facility to set up shortcuts using the number codes. If it is further difficult, you can get a printout of the functions and tasks performed until you are comfortable using them.

In terms of the performance, the Oki B2520 MFP surpasses many other multi-purpose printers. It is provided with a 100MHz processor and 32MB of RAM. The networking feature is optional in OKi. Considering its purpose as small-office equipment, Oki is right in adding the Networking feature as an option. The Copy option enables you to take a maximum 99 copies at a time. The Fax and Scan features offer all facilities that are provided in the standard multipurpose devices.

Overall, the Oki B2520 MPF can be included among the high-performing multipurpose devices, especially because of its efficiency in carrying out the triple functions.