HP Pavilion Elite m9040n – an Advanced Media Desktop

The HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is one among the elite choices of PC desktops. HP’s Pavilion Elite m9040n comes with a lot of improvements from the earlier HP desktops. It is available for $1,190. This desktop PC features an integrated remote control receiver and a wireless networking antenna. With these facilities it defines its role as a good system to record TV and edit digital media.

The HP Pavilion Elite comes with a few modifications in its design. The front bezel is made glossy and the front-side door is matte-black. The modifications made in the external appearance reflect in the overall performance of Elite m9040n. It is built with a load of advanced features that are new in the league of desktop PCs.

The HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is almost equal to the Pavilion Media Center TV m8120n in its configuration. The Elite has a larger space, powerful CPU and better memory. With these features HP Pavilion Elite m9040n surpasses the popular Apple iMac. It supports the DirectX 10 graphics also. The only thing missing in the Elite from Media Center is the graphics card.

The configuration of the HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is as follows.

· CPU – 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600

· Motherboard chipset- Intel G33 Intel G965

· Memory -3GB 1,066MHz DDR2 SDRAM

· Graphics -256MB Nvidia GeForce 8400 GS

· Hard drive- (2) 320GB 7,200 rpm

· Optical drives- 16x HP SuperDrive dual-layer DVD burner w/LightScribe

· Operating system- Windows Vista Home Premium

A notable feature of the HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is the GeForce 8400 GS graphics card and the HDMI connectivity.

There are other multimedia features in the Pavilion HP Pavilion Elite m9040n. One such feature is the ATSC/NTSC TV tuner with PVR capability. The HP Pavilion Elite m9040n has a single, dual-layer, Lightscribe-capable DVD burner. It also comes with an option to add another optical drive. Hp offers an online roll-your-own version upgrade of HP Pavilion Elite m9040n with the help of the Blu-ray/HD-DVD combo drive. Another curious feature of the HP Pavilion Elite is the remote control without an external receiver. This is made possible because HP integrated the IR receiver of the remote between the removable media slots. It also integrated the 802.11b/g Wi-Fi antenna. However, the wireless RF mouse and keyboard are not integrated, and so they require an external USB receiver.

The HP Pavilion Elite m9040n is provided with removable external hard drives. These are sold separately as an optional feature. Thus there is large scope for increasing its capacity.

The service and support offered at HP is commendable. The HP’s TotalCare utility is one of the most effective software support packages available. It will help you solve all queries about your PC. There is online support available from HP. Above that they provide 24X7 customer care service too.

Overall the HP Pavilion Elite m9040n captures the market because of its digital-media-oriented features and the IR receiver capability. The wireless networking adapter available with the HP Pavilion Elite m9040n avoids the clutter of wires.

It also performs well with a high-speed Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor and a considerable internal memory. Thus the HP Pavilion Elite m9040n can be rated as an excellent product from HP and one of the best desktop PCs available now.