Apple iPod Nano (Third Generation, 8GB, Black)

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The Apple iPod Nano refers to the latest iPod from Apple. The name ‘nano’ is apt with its extremely thin body, but not with its width. The iPod offers excellent features including built-in games and a unique user interface.

Words will not suffice to describe the Nano. It is very different from its predecessors. It can be grouped among the smallest and thinnest iPods available today. The Nano measures 2.75 inches x 2 inches x and 0.25 inch (length x width x thickness). The new Nano is much shorter than its predecessor. The thickness is not reduced a bit, however. With the height reduction, the new Nano appears to be more pleasing and handy.

As in the earlier version Nanos, the faceplate of the new Nano is made of anodized aluminum, but the back and the sides are coated with glossy chromium as in the Video iPod. The black Nano has a memory of 8GB and it costs about $199.

The Nano is provided with iPod’s USB port, a headphone jack and a Hold switch at the bottom. It features the Click Wheel that is common with Apple iPods. If you think the Nano is all about shrinking into the miniature form, you are wrong. The Nano has a 2-inch color screen that offers a good video resolution with rich and bright colors. Of course, it offers the same video playback that you expect from a larger screen. Thanks to the 320X240 video resolution in it.

Another notable improvement is made in the menu system. There is a split screen menu that displays the menu on the right half with the related graphics on the left. Though this change can be accepted as a mere fashion, it has got aesthetical importance. It also makes the movement of your eyes over the menu quicker with the help of graphical identification of the items.

Apple’s third-generation Nano redefines the video playback feature in iPods. The iPod Nano supports MPEG4 video in different file formats such as MOV, MP4, or M4V. It can go up to a resolution of 640×480 and at a speed of 30 frames per second.

iTunes offers the necessary videos for Nano through its online store. You can get the videos from other sources and import them to iTunes. A lot of third party software will also convert the videos for Apple iPods. iTunes also offers the music software required for your Nano. The music or the movies available in the iTunes store supports only this particular software, and so it is very important that you install the iTunes software on your PC. Lastly, it is the turn of the Nano games. The Nano supports video games from iTunes. These include iQuiz, Vortex, and Solitaire! Enjoy!

If you prefer the ‘nano’ style in your life, go for this iPod. It has more positives than negatives. Music, movies, video playback, games. What more could you ask for? It is available for less than $200.