HP Blackbird 002 – Flying upwards

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The HP Blackbird 002 is a showpiece on your desk and a brilliant gaming zone. It is a PC, a combined creation of HP and Voodoo PC and has the latest technical innovation that enables it to expand graphic upgrade options.

The unique design of the Blackbird 002 makes it a showpiece on your desktop. It looks like a classic accordion fixed on a sturdy base. The typical components of a PC are not visible on the exterior of the Blackbird 002. A row of ports and a media card reader are hidden smartly on the top side of the PC using a special spring-loaded mechanism.

The aesthetic design of the Blackbird 002 meets technical requirements too. The air vents provided at the bottom side allow better airflow through it and thus facilitate better cooling. To open the case of the PC, HP and Voodoo have provided a latch system on the front side edge of the side panel. The interior of the Blackbird 002 shows the true caliber of Voodoo in designing the PC. The components such as the graphic cards, power cables, hard drives, etc., are neatly concealed by a series of plastic walls. The plastic walls as well as the card door are removable and you can add more memory cards or other expansion cards as and when needed. While the plastic walls are in use, they act as the heat shield for the components.

The neat design of the Blackbird 002 is an exceptional feature that makes it easier for any future upgrades. There are five outward-facing hard drive sleds that can slide in and out easily. They are aligned matching to the data and power supply connections, thus it rules out any reassembling of cables. There is an extra 5.25-inch drive cage that is empty and is closed in a plastic pull tab. The Blackbird 002 supports ATI’s Crossifre and Nividia’s SLI dual-graphic cards, giving a lot of options for upgrade.

The Blackbird does not have proprietary hardware. This facilitates easy and flexible upgrading options for game enthusiasts. Its overclocked processor performs its best. The gaming blackbird is provided with a Logitech G11 Gaming Keyboard and a 2007-edition G5 Laser Mouse. However, it does not include a dedicated sound card in it, nor does it support wireless networking or Bluetooth.

HP offers a one-year warranty for the Blackbird 002. It is, however, less a period compared to the competitors’ three-year warranty. The support is offered through Voodoo’s Calgary office. Apart from the basic troubleshooting, the service provided includes solutions for queries concerning the upgrades. There is online support available in the form of support resources and chats.

The Blackbird 002 is a good choice for enthusiastic gamers. It offers innumerable gaming options and a lot of upgrades also and it looks pleasing to the eyes. Of course, the price is an issue. So, if you are ready to burn your pockets for creating a wonderful gaming environment at your desk, go for it.