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The Oppo DV-980HiDVD player is the successor of the DV-970 HD, with a few improvements. The Oppo DV-980H stands ahead of its predecessor model as well as its competitors with its 1080 output and 7.1 analog output. Another remarkable difference of the DV-980H from the earlier DV-970 HD is its black finished body.

The normal features of the Oppo DV-980H include the DVD-Audio/SACD playback, DivX/ Xvid playback from CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives, and playback of PAL movies. Oppo DV-980H is priced $170. The reasonably high price of Oppo DV-980H can be attributed to its highly enthusiastic features such as the DVD-Audio/SACD playback and the DivX/ Xvid playback. The audio and video quality offered by DV-980H is incomparable.

In contrast to the DV-970HD that has a silver faceplate, the DV-980H is superbly designed with a black finish. The external appearance alone differentiates the quality between the two. The DV-980H has been provided with different user-friendly features. Towards the far left there is the power button. Next to it is the resolution indicator that tells whether you are using the 1080p, 1080i, 720p, or 480p mode.

Towards the right is the LED display. Other control buttons such as Forward and Backward are also placed on the right panel. To make it worthy of its value, the DV-980H comes with a HDMI cable.

The remote controller of the DV-980H is pretty much the same as that of the DV-970HD and the DV-981HD. The keys are well placed, and there is backlight provided for illumination in the darkened theater ambience.

However, it would have been better if the important control buttons were designed in different shapes so that the user could operate it just by feeling the buttons.

Apart from the main function, i.e., play back the DVDs, the DV-980H can perform a few additional tasks too. It can play back two varieties of high-resolution audio formats, SACD and DVD-Audio. It can send the multi-channel audio through the HDMI connection to the compatible receivers. The 980H also plays back a number of file formats including MP3, WMA and DivX.

The DV-980H is bestowed with a lot of connectivity options. Apart from the HDMI output for the video, it has a component video output, an S-Video output and a composite video output. By upscaling the HDMI output you will avail the real benefits of the DV-980H. With the updated HDMI output, you can get the audio outputs including optical and coaxial digital audio jacks and a 7.1 channel analog multi-channel output. Lastly it is provided with a USB port on the front panel.

The DV-980H puts forth excellent performance on standard definition DVDs. The graphics display full resolution without any flickering of the images. It is free from the chroma bug, a defect that is common with modern DVD players.

Overall, the DV-980H can be rated as an excellent DVD player with a lot of quality features in it. Apart from offering the main function of a DVD, the DV-980H is capable of yielding advanced audio and video capabilities. It facilitates connectivity to many output and input devices. All the more, it is offered for a reasonable price too.