LG Wave AX380

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The LG Wave AX380 is a cool tiny gadget to fit small-sized pockets. The LG Wave AX380’s cool features include a 1.3-megapixel camera, a built-in music player, touch-sensitive music controls, dual-tone color scheme, Celltop, EV-DO, etc. in short, it offers more than its size.

The name ‘Wave’ is coined because of it curvy body, and the cool color. The LG Wave AX380 has an ergonomically designed body. Because of the curve it sits comfortably in the hands while at rest and when held at the ears. The fade-to-black color scheme applied on its front side complements the wavy pattern.

The phone measures 3.5 inches by 1.93 inches by 0.89 inch. The LG Wave AX380’s chassis is made of lightweight plastic, and thus it weighs only 3.03 ounces. It has a 1.25-inch external display with all the details such as the date, time, battery life, signal strength and caller ID. Unlike most of the other phones from the popular brands, the AX380 external display supports photo caller ID. The external display has 65,000 colors, and so it acts as a camera viewfinder too. There are small icons placed on top of the screen for message alert, vibrate mode and the roaming feature. It also displays the active music track when the music player is activated.

Other utilities of the phone are ideally placed on the small body. The camera lens is located just above the display . The headset jack, volume rocker, and a dedicated music player key are located on the left spine of the phone. The MicroSD card slot, a dedicated camera key, and the charger jack are located on the right spine.

The touch-sensitive keys of the AX380 are an interesting feature, though it may take some time for you to get adjusted to them. It is possible to configure the keys in a different manner; there is an option to configure them by giving appropriate sound effects.

Inside, the AX380 is loaded with a lot of features. The 2-inch diagonal display has got 262,000 colors. There are many flexible options to adjust the backlight, font styles, menu, etc. The Celltop menu is an interesting feature that gives a flexible interface to the user. It has special ‘cells’ that act as the shortcuts to menu items in your phone. It is easy to change these cells and assign new items to them. The Celltop offers many other features such as news, weather information, etc.

The keypad looks a little crowded with a lot of soft keys and an array of dedicated hard keys. However, because of the proper texture added to the keypad, the demarcation between them is clear and thus they give a lot of flexibility to the fingers.

The list of performance features of the AX380 will not be complete without its standard features such as the address book, ringtones, messaging service, etc. The phone can carry 5,000 contacts in it with all the details under each of them. There are 36 polyphonic ringtones to choose from. There is a facility for multimedia messaging. Other utilities are speakerphone, calculator, and unit converter. The advanced features include stereo Bluetooth, voice recorder, voice command, PC synchronizing, USB mass storage, a wireless Web browser, and EV-DO support. The built-in GPS is an added feature to facilitate location access support.

In short, the AX380 contains everything that you would dream of in your cell phone.