Sony NWZ-S610 – The Pleasant Music from Sony

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Sony has great news to share with the fans of MP3 Players. Sony replaces the SonicStage software with the new PlaysForSure software for all of its new MP3 players. Sony has released a series of MP3 players in the category NWZ. Apart from the new software addition, the NWZ series is popular because of its added features and the compact body.

The new series of MP3 players come in different configurations. They vary in their appearance and capacity. The S-615 version comes with a capacity of 2GB and it is available in four colors: black, pink, red, or silver. The S-616 is offered with a higher capacity, 4GB, but with the same choice of colors as that of the S-615. The heaviest one in the S-610 series is the S-618, the 8GB version of the MP3 player from Sony. It is available in one color, black. The S-615, S-616 and S-618 are offered for prices of $120, $160, and $210 respectively.

The NWZ-S610 series is attractive with its larger display and the best quality audio features.

It comes with a 1.8-inch display. The instrument measures 3.1 inches by 1.6 inches by 0.4 inch.

The NWZ-S610 series offers a good interface for the user. The control pad is conveniently located below the screen. The panel consists of a central play/pause key with four directional arrow keys surrounding it. The arrow keys facilitate easy navigation and moving between the tracks. The volume rocker is placed on the right spine of the instrument. The MP3 player is provided with a standard headphone jack and USB port on the top and bottom respectively.

The NWZ-S610 series is good at synchronizing different types of music into it. It supports MP3, WMA, and AAC file formats for audio files; MPEG-4 for videos; and JPEG for photos. It offers an FM radio facility with Autoscan feature and 30 preset slots.

The display options are many in the Sony NWZ-S610 series. It allows you to view the album in the full screen mode. By default, the screen orientation is portrait; it can be changed to landscape mode. Other than these, the NWZ-S610 comes with all the normal features such as the Playback modes, EQ section, etc. The sound enhancement tools are another interesting feature of the NWZ-S610. The options available are Digital Sound Enhancement (DSE), Clear Bass, and Clear Stereo. And there is the Surround Sound Effects feature for experiencing a feeling of stadium music.

The MP3 players from Sony have been the choice of a wide category of music lovers. They had only one complaint- the performance of the SonicStage software. With the release of the NWZ-S610 series, Sony has surpassed the expectations of its customers. The NWZ-S610 series MP3 players are not just a gadget for enjoying the music. It offers good video quality with its bright color screen and the sharp and saturated color pictures. The NWZ-S610 series has a decent battery life too. On an average, the battery lasts for 33 hours for audio and 8 hours of video.

Most importantly, it gives the best quality sound for the music.