Gateway FPD2275W

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The Gateway FPD2275W would have been the absolute choice of LCD screen lovers had it been provided with more customer-friendly attributes. The Gateway FPD2275W offers a good quality picture presentation; however, in order to make a difference from other similar products of the same value, it has to go a step forward in its usability features.

The base of the Gateway FPD2275W is heavy, about 12 pounds, and it hosts a number of ports for video and USB products. However, it does not offer a DVI cable that is necessary for all users. The LCD screen stand is made of metal. It gives the necessary support to the screen and the associated connections. Still, it misses an important feature, the flexibility. The screen can be tilted to only one side. It does not have the controls to rotate or swivel. And worse, you cannot adjust the height. If it is convenient for you to accept it as it is, go for it. The Gateway FPD2275W is available for a price range of $340 to $350. Otherwise you have an option of paying another $70 to get a stand that offers all the flexible adjustments and four USB 2.0 ports. It is not a heartening offer for a normal user, though.

The Gateway FPD2275W 22-inch screen wears an adorable look with its sturdy build and touch-sensitive controls. You are tempted to give it a touch to feel its goodness. Be careful; it is provided with touch sensitive controls. And they are too sensitive. They demand your careful handling. Your fingers will roll over the onscreen menu playing acrobatics, and you will soon realize that they are beyond the human patience level. You are relieved for one reason – that you don’t use them often. The Up and Down buttons are a real frustration too.

The Gateway FPD2275W is rich in video connectivity. It has dedicated ports for VGA and DVI connections to PC and small laptops. Apart from this it contains one upstream USB 2.0 port and four downstream USB 2.0 ports.

The display of the Gateway FPD2275W is HDCP compliant; it is an appreciable feature that is being added in the modern LCD screens in order to broadcast secure contents through them. The Gateway FPD2275W screen resolution, however, is not up to the mark. Compared to the competitors’ 1080 pixels output, the Gateway FPD2275W offers a resolution of 1,680 X 1,050. The screen comes with a backlight problem also. The light gets reflected on the top and bottom edges of the screen often, especially when the display is rich in colors.

The last but most important aspect that concerns the credibility of a product is its service and support. The Gateway FPD2275W lags behind its competitors in its short warranty period. It offers a warranty of one year whereas all the other LCD monitors are offered a standard warranty of a minimum of three years. If you wish to avail the three years’ warranty, be ready to shell out another $29. It seems that the Gateway FPD2275W is made only for the manufacture’s profit; not for your comfort.