Helio Fin- The Little Pearl

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The Helio Fin is a better choice for many reasons- its design, size, and features. It is the thinnest flip phone available today. It is only 0.45-inch thick. It is a small creature with a lot of capabilities. The notable features of this phone include the 3.0-megapixel camera, built-in GPS, EV-DO support, and a music player. What’s more, it offers direct media uploads to Flickr and YouTube.

The Helio Fin is the first flip phone from Helio, and it is made by Samsung. The phone has a tiny OLED external screen, the only unpleasant feature of the Helio Fin. Because of the smaller display, the Helio Fin would be underestimated at first sight.

However, if you notice the extraordinary features such as the GPS application and connectivity to Flickr and YouTube, you will wonder about its capabilities. The phone is offered for a MSRP $365, but is available for $175 as a discounted offer.

The Helio Fin’s metallic body has a cool business blue appearance. The phone measures 4.06 inches long and 2.04 inches wide. It weighs 3.35 ounces. The external OLED screen displays the basic information such as date, time, signal strength, caller ID etc. However, it does not support photo caller ID, and it cannot be used as a camera viewfinder.

The internal display is a 2.3-inch 262000-color QVGA display. It is pretty good for a phone of this value. The picture quality is excellent with sharp images and color saturation.

The left spine of the phone carries the volume rocker and the charger jack. The microSD card slot is placed behind the battery. In the interior, the menu icons are arranged in a circular manner in order to facilitate easy navigation through them.

The keypad of the Fin is the flattest, an addendum to its super thin feature. Some of you, especially those with fat fingers, may find them uncomfortable though. Apart from the normal arrangement as in other phones, the Fin has a dedicated key for the music player and another one for the camera. However, the dedicated speakerphone key is missing.

The Helio Fin has been provided with all the features that the ‘big’ phones in the market boast of. It has a 1000-entry address book, with each entry capable of saving five numbers and all details including photo or video caller ID (As the external display does not support the video caller ID, it will be useful only when the flap is open). The higher version of the Helio Fin offers a wireless Web browser, stereo Bluetooth support, USB mass storage mode, EV-DO support, and built-in GPS.

The extraordinary features of the Helio Fin do not stop there. The GPS offers a Google Maps for mobile facility. It gives step-by-step driving directions and helps to find local businesses. There is another curious feature, the Buddy Beacon facility, to trace your friends. The Garmin Mobile, is the moving map with voice instruction. If you are not satisfied with all these, The Garmin will give you an additional 6 million points of interest programmed into your service. To avail this facility, you have to shell out $2.99 a day.

What more do you expect from this little creature?