Fujitsu LifeBook E8410

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The Fujitsu LifeBook E8410 is a medium-sized laptop ideal for business users. The most remarkable feature of the LifeBook E8410 is its connectivity. It offers a number of ports that can be fitted to almost all equipment that a normal business user would require. The security measures adopted in the LifeBook are another remarkable feature that makes it an ideal choice for business users.

The LifeBook E8410 is powered with a 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7500 Processor and it has a RAM of 1 GB of 667MHz. The hard drive capacity is 100GB at 5,400rpm. It uses Windows Vista Business as its operating system. The price of the LifeBook E8410 is $1,849/$1,299, depending on the choice of configurations. It comes with optional choices for resolutions and additional gadgets such as a webcam.

The LifeBook E8410 measures 14.1×10.1×1.4 inches (length X width X thickness). It weighs 6.2 pounds without an AC adapter.

The LifeBook E8410 has an excellent build. Its outer body is covered in black and the interior is lined with silvery white. To add more sturdiness, it is provided with a magnesium lid, steel hinges, and a shock-mounted hard drive. All these features ensure the safe handling of the laptop in the toughest situations. The keyboard is protected by being enclosed in a spill-resistant case.

The LifeBook E8410 features a 15.4-inch wide-screen display with a standard 1,280X800 pixels resolution. Another version of the LifeBook E8410 is offered with a resolution of 1,400×1,050 pixels for an extra $45.

The input unit consists of a fully functional keyboard and two mouse units -touchpad only or touchpad plus pointing stick. A notable feature in the input unit of the LifeBook E8410 is the array of five buttons above the keyboard that can be programmed to launch any application desired by the user. To add more attraction to the appearance of the LifeBook E8410 there is an LCD status display placed above the keyboard. This 3-inch long black-and-white display is an extraordinary feature of the LifeBook E8410 that no other notebooks can be proud of.

The E8410 is characterized by its connectivity feature. It consists of two sets of USB ports, one pair on each side. It is featured with the latest 802.11a/g/n wireless and also a series of corporate-level security measures such as a fingerprint reader, a smart card slot and an internal Trusted Platform Module.

The E8410 comes with eight batteries. It lasts up to a minimum of 2 hours, a reasonable performance compared to similar category products from other brands.

Overall the E8410 can be rated as an excellent laptop for business purposes. It has a good performance speed as well as immense storing capacity. More importantly, it has a sturdy body that will remain unaffected even at the toughest of your traveling days.

The Fujitsu offers a one-year warranty for the E8410. There is an option to upgrade it to three years for an additional $180 if purchased directly from Fujitsu. The service offered at Fujitsu is excellent. Apart from the usual telephonic support, Fujitsu technicians detect the problems by connecting to your laptop over the Internet. However, this facility is offered only in the United States.