Samsung DM-S110 – The Playful And The Serious

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Hi Kids, you are no longer free to flirt with your friends. Samsung, along with Disney Mobile, has launched the new ‘twin mobiles,’ DM-S110 and DM-105 phones with a lot of curious features including the Family Center service that provides ‘a secret eye’ to the parents to watch their children while using the mobiles.

The DM-S110 stands out from normal phones because of its ‘kid’ nature. This young phone is covered in an attractive clamshell case with both internal and external display. The design of the Samsung DM-S110 is quite identical to the Samsung SPH-M300. The phone measures 3.6 inches X 1.9 inches X 0.7 inch (height X width X thickness). Disney, however, improved its appearance by painting it pink and adding a unique design of interlocking stars at the bottom part of the front face. The external 1-inch display supports 65,000 colors, and it has a resolution of 96X 96 pixels. The internal display measures 2 inches and has a resolution of 128 X 160 pixels, with 65,000 colors.

The outer shell of the camera contains the camera lens, volume rocker, headset jack, camera shutter and the charger jack. The keypad and the navigation controls are well designed. The flat keypad is level with the phone surface; however, it does not hinder a smooth handling of it. The smart design and the texture give fair grip on them.

The Samsung DM-S110 camera comes without a flash. There are many options provided in the camera for selecting the desired resolution, quality level, and many other features. There are three resolutions to choose from, 640×480, 320×240, and 224×168; three choices of quality, viz., fine, normal, and economy; and there are options for brightness, white color balance, six color tones, and five shutter sounds. It is also provided with a night mode; however it does not offer video shooting.

Then come the curious features from Disney mobile. The Family Center service offered by Disney is of great help to parents in watching their children’s phone habits. They can limit the usage time, downloads, and messages. There are facilities to ban unsolicited numbers. Most interestingly, the phone is provided with a Family Locater, the GPS technology which is used to locate the child. Another important security feature, the Family Alert, enables the user to send instant messages to one or all family members at a time. Of course, there are special charges involved in availing these special facilities.

Lastly, it is the entertainment zone of Samsung DM-S110 that attracts the kids as well as the elders. There are customized Disney ringtones, wallpapers, etc. There is the Disney Zone provided in the phone through which they can access Disney Radio and other Disney applications. There are interesting games such as the BlockBreaker, Lilo and Stitch, Tetris, etc., contributed by Disney.

The DM-S110 includes a phone book with 500 contacts. Each can save up to four numbers and two e-mail addresses. Other general features such as multimedia messaging, calendar, voice recorder, calculator, alarm clock, etc., are embedded in it. The higher versions of the DM-S110 offer Bluetooth and a speaker phone facility too.

Overall the DM-S110 can be calleda child phone with extraordinary skills.