HP DeskJet 460wbt Mobile

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If you wish to get your important documents printed during your business trip, you have a companion to do it. The HP DeskJet 460wbt Mobile, a portable printer worth about $350 is ideal for traveling professionals for getting their printing work done without stepping down from their hotel. There are many curious features such as the Wi-Fi printing added to this mobile printer in order to utilize its potential to the maximum. The text print quality is excellent, though the graphics print quality is not competitive as that of Canon’s portable inkjet.

The HP DeskJet 460wbt is 13.4 inches wide, 6.5 inches deep and 3.3 inches tall. The basic model without the adapter and battery weighs 4.5 pounds. It may seem that it is a bit heavier and bulky to carry while traveling. However, considering its utility in urgent situations, the HP DeskJet 460wbt is found to be worthy of its value.

The HP DeskJet 460wbt is available at different prices. The price difference is attributed to different components added to it. The basic model costs $250. The one with a Wi-Fi adapter and battery costs $350.

The HP DeskJet 460wbt is designed to adjust to the special environment that you are in. its foldable top cover acts as the paper carrier, and it holds up to 50 sheets at a time. There is a flap at the front too that can open up to get the paper released after printing. However, HP could not accommodate a paper-receiving tray to the HP DeskJet 460wbt. The result – you may have to use both of your hands, one for holding the printer and another for taking the paper out, if you are trying to print your documents while traveling or during an open-air presentation, etc.

There is a two-tank ink system that is provided with the HP DeskJet 460wbt to facilitate economical printing. At one fill, the black cartridge can print approximately 450 pages, and it costs about $20, an approximate 12.2 cents per page.

The HP DeskJet 460wbt is provided with the normal control buttons such as power, cancel, and resume. In addition to these, there are indicator lights to show the battery status and ink status. There are two USB ports provided at the back of the printer – one for the PC connection and the other for connection to PictBridge devices or USB flash drives. Additionally, the printer is provided with two memory card slots- CF and SD/MMC. The CF slot is used for wireless printing through Bluetooth technology or Wi-Fi connection. It can also be used to print from the memory cards. Another feature of the HP DeskJet 460wbt, the ‘wireless printer’, is that it can work for three different wireless profiles.

The HP Deskjet 460wbt is an incomparable make of HP. It will appeal to customers mainly because of its application while traveling. Those who are worried about the task of printing while outside their office will be relieved to see such a product available for an affordable price.