The Panasonic CQ-C8305U

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The Panasonic CQ-C8305U belongs to the league of high-end car stereos. The CQ-C8305U is capable of playing Red Book CDS, compressed audio discs in MP3, WMA or AAC formats. It can also play AM/FM radio. Above all, it supports Bluetooth hands-free calling, intelligent iPod Control, and satellite radio.

Panasonic CQ-C8305U comes with OEL display which, according to Panasonic, has got five times the contrast of an LCD display. Additionally there is the 3D Dot Matrix (3DDM) display with animated graphics. The faceplate has got an attractive blue backlight – a feature that adds a cool feeling about Panasonic CQ-C8305U.

The control buttons are well placed, and they are handy enough to be operated while driving. Panasonic CQ-C8305U is provided with a few buttons that are not common in other such models of satellite radio tuners. It has got a dedicated hard button for moving between the folders. There are other dedicated hard buttons such as the one for tuning the music and another one for moving the track forward and backward. A curious feature, not to be left out, is that its EQ controls can be accessed by pushing the volume dial.

The Panasonic CQ-C8305U is a good satellite radio tuner with excellent sound quality, the most important feature required for any in-car stereo. Whether you drive up the hill or within the city, it makes no difference for the CQ-C8305U. It also features the ID3 tag information and a seven-band equalizer along with a SRS WOW sound processor.

The iPod connectivity feature of the Panasonic CQ-C8305U makes it a perfect gadget for music lovers, and it prompts them investing in the iPod module in CQ-C8305U. There is a feature in the Panasonic CQ-C8305U by which it can show the text information about the tracks. This feature is available with the help of an optional cable Panasonic CA-DC300U that can be directly connected to the iPod. While playing the iPod, three categories, viz., the playlist, artist and album, can be simultaneously viewed by holding down the folder skip buttons.

In order to facilitate the Bluetooth hands-free calling interface in the Panasonic CQ-C8305U, the Panasonic PYBT100U has to be installed in it. The PYBT100U consists of a module, a microphone and a clicker. The module can be smartly hidden behind the dash. With the help of the Bluetooth facility, you can smartly route your phone calls through the car’s speakers. However, there is no facility here to make outgoing calls. In order to do so, you need to pair your handset additionally.

The Panasonic CQ-C8305U is available for a price range of $214-$299.

To sum up, the Panasonic CQ-C8305U is worth a grab. It is for those who are passionate for music and those who are passionate for the stylish tuning of their car. Moreover, the Panasonic CQ-C8305U’s interface with other facilities such as the iPod, Bluetooth, etc., act as a catalyzing factor for making it an irresistible choice of the young as well as the old.