Sony Handycam HDR-CX7

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The Sony Handycam HDR-CX7, the successor of the Sony HDR SR7, has been the buzz among young video professionals across the world. It is a sleek gadget that gives the pleasure of shooting videos without the need for tapes.

The HDR-CX7 generates videos in AVCHD formats, and if you are wondering how it could offer good video quality, you are in the wrong. The HDR-CX7 is as good as its counterparts with tapes.

The lens of the CX7 has 10X optical zoom and it is very sharp at catching the images. It offers a decent reach with its 35-mm equivalent of 400mm at the telephoto end. The Autofocus option provides a lot of flexibility while shooting. It enables the camera to adjust to the changes such as the nature of the object, lighting conditions, distance, etc. There is no doubt that this would provide the best video having no complaint about the color quality or color saturation level.

To point out a minor drawback, there is one feature in the HDR-CX7; it stores the video to its MemoryStick Pro Duo cards. Therefore, if you wish to shoot more, you need to purchase one high-density card. On an average, an 8GB Pro Duo card can carry about one-hour of HD video in it. There is an expansion slot provided in the HDR-CX7 for this purpose.

However, considering all the other features that ensure a good quality video and a comfortable handling, the above discomfort can be let off.

It’s the trendy, tiny gadget for the young and modern. The camcorder weighs a mere 15.9oz. It is 2.7″ X 5.1″ X 2.6″ (width X depth X height) in its dimensions, and it easily slips into your pockets. The 2.7″ LCD screen occupies the maximum space in the camcorder. The smaller size, as some of you would feel, may affect the easy handling of the controls provided in the camera (of course, if you have a fat hand). However, you would find it comfortable to handle it after a little practice.

There are different options provided in the HDR-CX7 to send the video to the TV and the PC. There are a mini-to-full-size HDMI cable and the composite AV breakout cable, in addition to a Component video cable for connecting it to TV. There is a USB cable for connecting it to a PC.

The CX7 has a lot of attractive features. It has an automatic lens cover that helps it to avoid any damage. There are Manual, Indoor, Outdoor features along with Auto White Balance that allows the adjustment of white color in incandescent lighting. There is a collection of shooting programs including Fireworks, Spotlight, Sports Lesson, etc., that create the best quality video in different shooting ambiance.

Other special shooting features include the Spot Focus and Spot Metering, Super SteadyShot optical image stabilization, and Super NightShot infrared mode, etc.

Want to go for a hunt for the HDR-CX 7? Check out its retail stores where it is offered for a discounted rate. It is offered in a price range between $950 and $1300. Get a bargain to own this little companion!