Wiihab Is Catching On

Who would have thought that one day video games would benefit your health? It used to be that video games required no more physical activity than getting up to push the power button on your system.

With the Nintendo Wii, the motion sensoring technology is requiring gamers to become more involved in the experience. It’s this concept that caught the eye of some physical rehabilitation experts. Most of the exercises that patients have to perform, are tedious and boring. The Wii, which mimics alot of these exercises, adds an appeal that makes it fun to rehabilitate.

James Osborn of Southern Illinois Healthcare explains the popularity of the Wii in physical therapy, “In the Wii system, because it’s kind of a game format, it does create this kind of inner competitiveness. Even though you may be boxing or playing tennis against some figure on the screen, it’s amazing how many of our patients want to beat their opponent.”

This is definitely good news for the Wii. Before this the only “physical” thing you heard about the Wii was someone throwing their “Wiimote” through a window. Surprisingly, Nintendo hasn’t said too much about the Wiihabilitation other than, “We are happy to see that people are finding added benefit in rehabilitation.”