Microsoft hints at general plan for IE8

Microsoft continues to give importance to the security and makes easy in using the next release of Internet Explorer 8. According to Microsoft, it will excel in Web development with the current compatibility standards. At Las Vegas during Mix ‘07 conference conducted by Microsoft, Chris Wilson an IE platform architect has briefed about the Microsoft’s development strategies and importance in making IE 7, and also briefed about some of the targets of the next version of IE 7. Wilson has reported that Microsoft expects to build a follow-on version IE 8 in next two years after release of IE 7 version, IE 7 was released into market in October, 2007.The privileges for both the versions of IE 7 and IE 8 are same with security features, easy to use and Web development modifications.
Wilson has quoted that there would be many changes that needed to be done on Web developer platform; Wilson was addressing Web developers who were patrons at Mix ‘07. Wilson has said that Microsoft will be investing capital on layouts and holding the Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) 2.1 specifications. Microsoft wants to design the IE browser into an object model with more interoperable functions so that it will be easy to work with the other IE browsers and makes it pliable with programming patterns .Wilson has also reported that Ajax Web programming designs are required for client-side, an application programming interface that makes the developers to make strong applications.
A better security structure along with the local storage of data has to be done by established bodies. HTML version 5 and XHTML version 1 and 1.1 are standardized using the W3C. The older versions of Internet Explorer were lacking with standards and the latest version IE 7 had caused web sites not working for end users. Web development compatibility is very important for creating the applications and for the developers it is important for them to deploy these applications in the transformation stage. The highlight of Mix ‘07 conference is Microsoft’s Silverlight platform, previously called as Windows Presentation Foundation/Everywhere.
Silverlight is designed with set of tools that develops rich, Flash-like web applications. Primary user interface is designed with new technology that has focused around the web browser; the importance is given to RSS, CSS, and AJAX support. The developers are lack with time that IE 8 is a testament that the market for web browser is again boomed, Netscape is very less competitive and Firefox has gained the 10% of market share. It is considered that IE 8 will support micro formats and small tags that are embedded in HTML code that transform the software as calendar events, contact information and others options as user interface customization, but browser continues to update with its bug fixes, security patches through its Windows Update.