Ferrari Unveils the FXX

The most advanced GT, FXX is invented at Maranello. The purpose of FFX is to bind the most valued Clients of Ferrari as bonafide Prancing Horse Test Drivers. The important data and the experience collected for this special programme is extremely useful. Michael Schumacher, Rubens Barrichello and the other Ferrari’s professional in-house Test Drivers will give their opinions and feedback to the non-professional Client Test Drivers. Each client can join the Team Ferrari by signing the FXX project by buying a 20 or more cars being built, these clients would be having their driving experience directly learnt from the Prancing Horse’s technicians and specialists.

The FXX has not been approved for the use on roads and so this will be not a competition model. So, FFX will be used only on track in the process of ongoing research and development programme along with its first group of Client Test Drivers. The power of the FFX engine is 6,262 cc V12 that gives over 800bhp at 8,500 rpm, the gearbox is made from F1 strategies this result in gear change in the time of less than 100ms, so the speed is same as F1 single-seaters, themselves the highest peak among present technological achievement. The first FFXs will be released by the year end to the clients those are selected in a fixed process. Presently at Fiorano, the initial testing of the car is taking place.

The special in-house committee has evaluated for the applications for joining the programme at a cost of 15, 00,000 euros excluding taxes or approximately for $ 17, 90,000. Client Test Drivers are thirty present owners that Ferrari is offering about $1.8 million track car, this is a FXX limited edition. These Client Test Drivers are selected through an application process and allowing them to have contest with Michael Schumacher but before his pre-2005 form. The fastest ever car production by Ferrari is using an 800 hp and more with 6.2 liter of Enzo’s 660hp and 6.0liter V-12. Than Enzo there is an 40 percent down force and sleek Bridgestone tires.

According to the part of FXX package, the owners are needed to train under the Ferrari’s drivers before entering the fourteen-event track-day series. For 7-time World champion Michael Schumacher, there is an exclusive special edition ‘Michael Schumacher FFX’ adorned fully in black color and the most of the other owners will get red and yellow car. Schumacher will get an 588kw FFX to contest with, along with his collection of personal super cars. Ferrari acclaims the FXX program as the big link among its customers.