The new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class: The Masterpiece Among Luxury Coupés

Mercedes-Benz has commenced the summit of greater than 50years of coupé, and closed two-door car tradition with new CL-Class. This new two-door car is matchless and has attractive design with a pioneer technology where none other car brand can offer. This new coupé has new range in vehicle security with PRE-SAFE brake system where the car automatically brakes the coupé when there will be threaten for rear-end collisions. Mercedes has introduced some standard equipment as active body control suspension, the Intelligent Light System where five lighting functions are used and the occupant protection system PRE-SAFE. There is option of two powerful engines using eight or twelve cylinders that generate high output and torque and also gives the smoothness.

The Mercedes Coupé has the abstract of elegance in the automotive engineering since decades. Mercedes Coupé has its own set of standard designs and equipment with the combination of safety and good comfort with high driving experience, Mercedes Coupé are treated as automotive classics. The new CL-Class is a masterpiece from Mercedes-Benz with the luxury Coupé goes into future with its innovative new technology and its look is exemplar with new artistic view. Mercedes features have been re-improved and been in-built into design concept to get pleasant work of tradition and modernity, Mercedes radiator grills with wide chrome louvers and the design of C-pillar is a downwards-tapering design and the feature of large coupe was designed in 1950s.

Model 220 S/SE Coupé, model series W 180/W 128 had the first C-pillar design in 1956 and this design was perfected in later model 220 SE Coupé (W 111/112). Along with this design, the other features are added up in CL-class to make up the great coupé tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand alive. In B-pillar, the side windows that were retractable with a slit is not interrupted, this was the feature used in Mercedes Coupés in 1961 making the 220 SE Coupé look interesting. The design range from Mercedes-Benz provides more capacity for individualising the interior of car using range of colours and trim materials. In CL 600 passion leather, poplar wood trim and Alcantra roof liner is used to make the car interior look luxurious and make the atmosphere echoed and has chromed doors and sill panels.
The automatic climate control in the CL-Class employs a new system with four temperature zones which can be adjusted separately. In Active Body Control there is a splendid combination of dynamism and comfort based on sensor signals and using specific designed hydraulic cylinders at the axles. There is an uneven distribution of body roll between front and back axles depending on vehicle speed that combines alert handling with outstanding stability